New on Blu-Ray/DVD – Jan. 7, 2014 – Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck in "Runner, Runner"

Save up your money folks. This is another Blu-Ray/DVD week you can completely avoid…

Runner Runner Blu ray coverRunner, Runner – One of 2013’s biggest bombs took two of the biggest names in pop culture (Timberlake for his latest album, Affleck for the effigy-burnings once he was named the new Batman) and put them in a limp effort about a college student who meets the shady entrepreneur who swindled him out of his online poker earnings. Smell the (lack of) excitement. Skip it and pop in “The 20/20 Experience” or “Argo” again instead.

Thanks for Sharing blu ray coverThanks for Sharing – The Hulk teams with Pepper Potts in a smash mouth action film about overindulging. Maybe a bit more fun than the Mark Ruffalo/Gwyneth Paltrow romantic comedy about sex addictions we got instead.