Cosplay Confidential: Ben Esguerra

Cosplay Confidential Ben Esguerra as SandmanAfter checking out the last Cosplay Confidential on Silhouette Realm Cosplay, Ben Esguerra hit me up to be featured as well.I’m glad he did as he’s got some really fun and well done costumes of characters that I don’t see nearly enough of in the realm of cosplay. So here’s Ben’s story:

Name: Ben Esguerra aka SD Rum Cosplay

Cosplay Confidential Ben Esguerra as Wrecker about to nail the X-MenHow did you get into cosplay? I admired cosplayers since I have been attending SDCC for a few years. I was just blown away by the costumes and seeing how much fun they were having so I figured I wanna try cosplaying. My first cosplay was a Marvel villain called The Wrecker and I have been hooked ever since.

How long have you been doing it? I am fairly new to cosplay. My cosplay debut was WonderCon 2013 so it has been less than a year.

What was your first costume? My first costume was a Marvel villain called the Wrecker. Cosplay Confidential Ben Esguerra as Solomon Grundy

What’s been your favorite?  Probably Solomon Grundy since its most comfortable in terms of outfit and it was my first time using body paint, make-up and crazy contacts.

What was the hardest costume you’ve done? The Wrecker because I didn’t know how to sew so my wife and her friend helped me with that.

How much do your costumes take to make? The Wrecker was the most expensive because I bought a custom latex mask and commissioned my crowbar weapon so overall that ran over $300. My other two costumes combined was about $200 total. Cosplay Confidential Ben Esguerra as Wrecker with Agent Venom

How much time does it take to make an average costume? It takes me a few weeks on and off per costume because I am a stay at home dad of twin girls and it’s pretty hard to work on anything when they are awake haha.

What makes it so rewarding? The fact that people enjoy and recognize your work especially for me because my cosplays have consisted of obscure villains. Plus I have met and encountered so many friendly people since I have been cosplaying.

Do you have a regular group you partner up with for costumes? I’ve never done a group cosplay yet but planning to get a Spider-Man group together for WonderCon so that should be fun.

Cosplay Confidential Ben Esguerra as Solomon Grundy with Lady PinheadWhat would you say to people who have thought about doing cosplay, but haven’t quite worked up the nerve yet? Just do it and don’t let other people discourage you. It’s all about having fun, being creative and surrounding yourself with people that love the same things you do.

Do you have a website people can check out more of your costumes? I have a Facebook page-

Thanks a lot Ben. If you’d like to be featured, just do like Ben and hit me up here or on Facebook.