10 Things I thought about the 2014 Golden Globe Awards

2014 Golden Globes Breaking Bad castA lot to discuss on last night’s Golden Globes. Let’s get into it!

10. Anyone catch “Inside Llewyn Davis” star Oscar Isaac pouring water for one of his table mates? Starting to look like George Clooney and Hugh Jackman may have some company for the coveted “Nicest Guy in Hollywood” award.

2014 Golden Globes - Jennifer Lawrence and Colton Haynes9. I know we all love Jennifer Lawrence and all, but on this night, “Arrow’s” Colton Haynes wore it best.


2014 Golden Globes - Jacqueline Bisset8. Isn’t it awesome that we can count on at least one “were they drunk????” acceptance speech every year? Thank you Jacqueline Bisset! And whoever was working the seven-second delay must have been Tweeting at the absolute worse time.

2014 Golden Globes Sofia Vergara

7. Sofia Vergara. Yep. Nuff said.

2014 golden globes sofia vergara


2014 Golden Globes - Paula Patton6. I know celebrities are pretty self-absorbed and all, but did anyone else find it odd that no one bothered to help out poor Paula Patton after those swans attacked her?