Cosplay Confidential: Katieasaur Cosplay

Katieasaur Cosplay as Katniss EverdeenNew round of Cosplay Confidential featuring a relative newcomer to the scene who’s now entering her third year of cosplay. Let’s hear from her now …

Katieasaur Cosplay as Sif closeupName? Katieasaur Cosplay

How did you get into cosplay? My friend convinced me to go to Anime Expo in 2012 and we both decided we should cosplay to make it more fun.

How long have you been doing it? Since 2012

Katieasaur Cosplay as Red Riding Hood RubyWhat was your first costume? Katniss Everdeen was my first costume but I debuted 2 at my first convention. The other was Ruby (Red Riding Hood) from Once Upon A Time.

What’s been your favorite? I love cosplaying Loki because it is the most recognizable and has the biggest persona to play up.Katieasaur Cosplay with the Young Avengers

What was the hardest costume you’ve done? The horns for my Loki cosplay took a very long time to figure out. However, for my Lady Sif I had to figure out how to do the headpiece and the intricate boots.Katieasaur Cosplay as Lady Sif

How much do your costumes take to make? Cosplay tends to take over your life when you become devoted to your work, most weekends now I am sewing or buying fabric.

How much time does it take to make an average costume? Each costume often takes a few months to complete, from picking out which one to do, to planning how to make everything, to the actual construction process.

What makes it so rewarding? It is so rewarding to have been accepted into a community that appreciated my work and making amazing friends.Katieasaur Cosplay as Loki with Thor

Do you have a regular group you partner up with for costumes? Soon my friends and I will be debuting our ‘Defenders of Asgard’ group at WonderCon 2014. I also partner up with CAPES and Agents of C.O.S.P.L.A.Y.

What would you say to people who have thought about doing cosplay, but haven’t quite worked up the nerve yet? Just do it!!!!!! It is an amazing experience!!!!!!Katieasaur Cosplay as Loki

Do you have a website people can check out more of your costumes? Instagram- @Katieasaur

Thanks Katie!

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