Birthday Wishes – April 4, 2014 – "Iron Man" Robert Downey Jr., Hugo Weaving, Jill Scott

Comic-Con International 2012 - Marvel Studios PanelsRobert Downey Jr. (49) – To the man who keeps the Marvel Studios’ machine rolling. After being completely wowed by “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” I can’t wait to see how you plan to bring it for “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

Jill Scott hotJill Scott (42) – While “Baggage Claim” was just alright, you were a lot of fun in it and I’m hopeful for the day you don’t just get stuck in a supporting role, but get the opportunity to headline your own film in the near future.

Hugo WeavingHugo Weaving (54) – One of the best guys in modern cinema. After stints in “Lord of the Rings,” “The Matrix” and Marvel Studios films, I’m hoping you further extend your unmatched geek credibility card by getting roles in “Star Trek 3” and “Star Wars: Episode VII” or “Batman/Superman.”

Amanda Righetti Amanda Righetti (31) – Loved you in the under-appreciated “Friday the 13th” remake, now we just need Marvel Studios to expand upon your role from “Captain America: The First Avenger” and up your S.H.I.E.L.D. supporting role a bit more in the future.

Phil Morris 2013Phil Morris (55) – Here’s to a spectacular and real birthday for one of my favorite character /voice actors. It’s long since time Warner Bros. Animated called you back up to voice another character after the awesome job you did as Vandal Savage in “Justice League: Doom.”