Box office roundup – April 20, 2014 – "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" three-peats


1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier – $26.6 million [3rd week; $201.5 million] For the third straight week, Captain America held off all changers to retain its box office title. That’s a feat no other Marvel Studios film save “Marvel’s The Avengers” has been able to accomplish.

Amazingly by Friday – its 15th day of release, “Winter Soldier” had already surpassed the total of its predecessor, “Captain America: The First Avenger” ($176.7 million) and seems to have plenty of life left. Next weekend comes the female-focused “The Other Woman” and Paul Walker’s “Brick Mansion,” so we could be in for a monthlong domination of Captain America’s latest.

2. Rio 2 – $22.5 million [2nd weekend; $75.36 million] The animated feature landed in second place yet again. And while it was close early, Cap once again pulled away in the end.

3. Heaven is for Real – $21.5 million [debuted Wednesday, $28.5 million in total] A smart release date to tap into the religious base during the Easter holiday celebration and simple, effective marketing with a clearly stated premise helped this drama be a strong contender in its debut week.

4. Transcendence – $11.1 million [debut week] Johnny Depp’s woeful box office slump continues. Including this poorly-received sci-fi thriller, his last four films, “The Lone Ranger,” “Dark Shadows” and “The Rum Diary” failed to open above $30 million. Depp is starting to veer into Nicholas Cage territory where audiences are leery of any new project and with each subsequent bomb, Depp’s goodwill with moviegoers plummets.

5. Haunted House 2 – $9.1 million [debut week] I was kinda surprised we got two installments out of this parody film, but thankfully this so-so performance should prevent a third. The first film, by comparison, grossed $18 million it’s opening weekend off a $2.6 million budget.