The new Nicki Minaj is best thing to come out of The Other Woman

Ever since she arrived on the hip hop scene, Nicki Minaj has always been … eye catching.

In some aspects that was for the obvious reasons.


Credit: Nicki Minaj InstagramBut for others it was due to her questionable desire to walk in the zany footsteps of fashion/makeup daredevils Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

lady-gaga-crazy-makeupAnd let’s face it, there’s no way anyone could possibly match Gag’s inspired brand of fashion lunacy.

Soon Nicki looking like a bit of a clown became commonplace, which was a shame because deep down underneath the goofy wigs and garish makeup was someone who didn’t need it.

Here’s a look at the old Nicki:


So with her role in The Other Woman, Minaj decided to tone her look down considerably and start letting people see her more reserved side.

nicki-minaj-at-the-other-woman-premiereGone were the paintbrush-sized application of makeup, ditto for the rainbow dresses and wigs and instead we got a stripped down version that’s rightfully garnered a lot of attention and rave compliments that she’s outshining her co-stars including Cameron Diaz and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton.

nicki-minaj-smiling-the-other-woman-premiereThe most commonly asked question was why she didn’t do this makeover sooner?

Truly in Minaj’s case, less is way, way more. Well, makeup wise at least.

I’m not sure if Minaj is going to become a big-screen force, but if for no other reason we should appreciate “The Other Woman” for letting us see the other side of Nicki and we’re all much better for it.