Has Oded Feher been cast as Doctor Strange?

Oded FehrAccording to IMDB.com, Oded Fehr is slated to star in the lead role in “Doctor Strange,” the upcoming Marvel Studios film.

Missed the announcement? Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

If this is true I love the casting. Doctor Strange isn’t a character that can’t get be another race. And Fehr definitely has a soft spot for comic book material.

doctor strange marvel comicsHe’s voiced Ra’s al Ghul in “Young Justice” and he’s already virtually played Doctor Strange as he voiced Dr. Fate in “Justice League Unlimited.”

That version of the character was clearly modeled more after Dr. Strange than the DC Comics main magician.

Moreso, Fehr is just an awesome actor and makes anything he’s in better from “The Mummy” to “Resident Evil: Retribution” so this is excellent casting. I approve Marvel Studios (as I’m sure they were waiting to hear that).

Here’s the synopsis for the film, which is still in development: A subtly maimed surgeon finds a new life when a wizard trains him to become the new Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.

What do you think of this potential news?