Random Billboard 2014 Awards thoughts

The biggest revelations from this year’s Billboard Awards 2014

The 2014 Billboard Awards were Sunday, but as far as awards shows go, either I’m award show out or it just wasn’t that exciting. Either way, here’s some thoughts I had on it.

The show kicked off with Pitbull hyping everyone up, J-Lo being too good to share the stage with Pitbull’s dancers and Claudia Leitte upstaging J-Lo big time.claudia-leitte-hot

Cue Google search for more pictures of Claudia Leitte following her sizzling Billboards performance …

Was it me or did Kelly Rowland seem to have an extra glow tonight? Maybe it was because for a change she has absolutely no reason to be jealous of Beyonce right now? 2014 Billboard Awards Kelly Rowland

While those commercials she was in quickly became annoying, Rowland always has such a likable, pleasant demeanor, it’s hard to be too upset anytime she gets a bit more of the spotlight. Now that ‘X-Factor’ is done on FOX, maybe the execs can find a seat for her on the next season of ‘American Idol?’


‘Fancy’ is far too catchy and I dig how Iggy Azalea retained the video’s ‘Clueless’ theme in her Billboard performance.

2014 billboard awards iggy-azalea and ariana-grande-2014-billboard-music-awards-performance-650

Ariana Grande was so cute thanking the Billboard audience. I hope she remains that respectful of her fans and doesn’t start trying to embarrass them on Twitter for having the audacity of trying to look like their hero.

Oh, hey Rihanna…

2014 billboard awards britney spears and rihanna

There are very few concerts I’d be willing to pay for, but I feel like there’s no chance of not getting every penny’s worth from a Katy Perry show although I do feel like Pink does a far more impressive high-wire act.

I wish there was a Best Makeover award because Nicki Minaj would easily win that category hands down. She stunned again at the Billboard. Hopefully whichever publisher told her to embrace her wild side and clown wigs is long since fired.

2014 Billboard Music Awards - Backstage And Audience

The hologram Michael Jackson was kinda weird, but not nearly as weird as the stars hyping his “performance” as if we don’t realize he’s dead. And what was the deal with Billboard Award producers acting like this was the biggest performance of the year? Kinda seems like to do that, they’d have to have gotten Justin Timberlake to sing his duet to at least incorporate someone singing live at the awards.

So now we’ve had 2Pac and Michael Jackson, who’s next on the holographic performance tour? And just what the heck is Puff Daddy waiting on to get The Notorious B.I.G. done?

2014 Billboard Music Awards - Roaming Show

Or for that matter Ma$e hologram too? Oh, this is just for deceased artists not just those whose careers are dead? Ah, I gotcha.

2014 Billboard Awards John LegendI did not like that John Legend appeared to be raiding Pharrell’s closet.

Maybe it’s because she’s been ‘acting out’ for a year, but has Miley Cyrus reached the point where she can’t shock us anymore?

Hey Paula. Robin really wants you back. Like seriously.Paula-Patton is kinda hot