Will “Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist” deliver the live-action treatment we’ve always wanted?

street-fighter-assassins-fistI’d kind of given up hope of any good non-video game “Street Fighter” project — live-action or otherwise. The only worthwhile treatment was the awesome 1994 animated film, but the subsequent 20 years haven’t been kind to the license. But maybe that’s going to change soon?

On Friday, we’ll see the latest “Street Fighter” production, which is a prologue of sorts before the storyline you’re probably most familiar with as this looks back at Ryu and Ken’s past.

street-fighter assassin's fist posterWitness the origin of the legendary fighting characters in Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist!!

As Ryu & Ken’s training in the Ansatsuken style of Martial Arts intensifies, their Master Gōken is forced to revisit the dark secrets and tragedy of his past that culminated in the loss of his brother Gōki.

Watch all 12 episodes – the full series – right here on Machinima on May 23!!





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