Are you able to correctly guess all these X-Men characters? #Xmen #XMenDaysOfFuturePast


imageThe X-Men have had a pretty convoluted history and the characters have seen numerous transitions over their 50 years. So I figured I’d have a little fun and test your knowledge on the X-Men based on some random clues. Here’s a gimme: Staying frosty is never a problem for me, but I don’t exactly like hanging out with The Human Torch. (Iceman) So now it’s on to the real challenge.

1. No, my costume is not trying to hypnotize you. I’ve always lived in my big brother’s shadow, but currently I’m trying to fix his mess.image

2. I’m definitely not the touchy feely type but sometimes I don’t have a problem taking stuff that doesn’t belong to me.

3. I’m always icy, but certainly not brittle to the touch.

4. Black Widow stole my catchphrase in “Marvel’s The Avengers,” but I’m big enough to overlook the offense of a fellow countryman.

5. It may be smelly, but my powers provide the fastest way to travel.

6. My children were my henchmen long before I learned of our relation.

7. I’m always seeing red whether in my dating choices or my day to day perspective on life.image

8. Fortunately I’m not as fickle as what I can control.

9. It wasn’t a hoax or imaginary story when I was the first to die in the line of duty.

10. I’m a reality TV star back home and get by on more than luck.

11. I like getting into people’s heads but I’m not afraid to slice things up a bit.

12. When the team needs a singing light show, I’m the one they call.

13. I like to soar but when I get blue I’m a real cut up.

14. I’m like a bird but sometimes I don’t bother using a code name.

15. I’m a genius and I’ve also been an agent of SHIELD and a teacher, but when I’m off duty, I like to hang with my non-imagination dragon.

image16. I would’ve fit in perfectly on “Jersey Shore” and my code name was perhaps the most on the nose of any mutant.

17. I’ve dated journalists and secret agents all of whom preferred to take their showers before me.

18. The first time I was in a movie the lights may have been too bright, but I’m hoping the second time will provide a lot more magic.

19. I’d never consider having my typical luck if I came down with a case of laryngitis.

20. My dad’s a killer, I may have a crazy identical twin but I have the biggest questions when it comes to knowing who my mommy is.image

21. While one outfit had me running around nearly naked, my worst outfit probably was when I lost my nose and rocked a doo-rag.

22. I’m a man out of time and no that’s not a tattoo, but I didn’t earn my mark from being part of a fraternity.

23. Some say I have a magnetic personality, but if I don’t watch what I wear I have a lot more malice.

24. I’m not most people’s favorite X-Man. Maybe it has to do with the fact I share a codename with an insect?

25. True, I get heated a lot and most people prefer my alternate reality look to my more common attire.


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