Pierce Brosnan + spy movie = I’m there, you will too after watching “The November Man” trailer

Pierce Brosnan in The November ManIn my Hall of Cool – Pierce Brosnan would have his own wing. Whether James Bond, Thomas Crown or in his new role as Peter Devereaux, Brosnan is absolutely #TheMan.

The trailer for his new film, “The November Man,” was just released and it starts like a scene from “Leon the Professional.”

Brosnan’s Devereaux is teaching his young protégé the art and physics of bullets (helpfully done in “Max Payne” slo-mo style) before the trailer turns into a “Transporter”/Daniel Craig James Bond film.

The action scenes look nice and solid and I welcome Brosnan engaging in more age-appropriate action instead of leaping and flying around like he’s a 20-year-old. He comes across very deliberate and methodical here. And I’m oh-so piqued about that teaser shot of a drone looking like it’s primed to attack. There’s even an appearance by former “Quantum of Solace” Bond Babe Olga Kurylenko before Brosnan utters a pretty solid last line: “Love has no place in this life.”

Yep, looks like I’ll be adding this sucker to my summer must-see list and will promptly have a review come its Aug. 27 release date.