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Michael Ealy and Meagan Good dish on Las Vegas, bachelor parties and Kevin Hart

I had the pleasure of interviewing Meagan Good and Michael Ealy, two of the stars from the highly-anticipated, “Think Like a Man Too,” while they were making promotional rounds in the Washington, D.C., area.

Michael Ealy, me and Meagan GoodThere’s always that slight uneasiness of hoping someone whose work you’ve admired will be as cool as you envision in real life and happily I can report that Ealy and Good were tremendously gracious, friendly and down to Earth. One of my favorite parts was that they were so unaffected by their celebrity status that they actually introduced themselves, which I found refreshingly cool.

In other words, they were an awesome interview. Hope you find their answers as interesting as I did.

Matt Kennedy/Screen Gems  Michael Ealy stars as Dominic in "Think Like a Man Too."
Matt Kennedy/Screen Gems
Michael Ealy stars as Dominic in “Think Like a Man Too.”

Were you surprised with the success of the original?

MG: I thought we’ve got something special here so it wasn’t that surprising.

ME: I wasn’t surprised after seeing it. My expectations were surpassed by the numbers (the 2012 original earned $91.5 million)

There typically aren’t a lot of romantic comedy sequels, was there any uncertainty of coming back?

MG: Oh yes. Sequels are always a little sketchy. You have to ask who’s writing it? Will [“TLAM” Director] Tim [Story] be back? Will that same family who made the first one magic be returning? It felt good once everything was in place.

How involved was Steve Harvey in this film?

ME: He really wasn’t a big part of this one, but it’s still his baby. He was truly the executive producer of the film.

What was Vegas like when you weren’t filming?

MG: Vegas was fun when I was in my 20s, but now I get exhausted there after about five hours. I did have fun when I was there for my bachelorette party.

[Good shares about her bachelorette party and dancing with The Pussycat Dolls]

[wpvideo y9KQ8yNe]

ME: Vegas is a lot of stimulation. For someone like me who values their privacy it can be a bit much.

showgirlsWhat’s your favorite Vegas movie?

MG: Showgirls.

ME: Definitely Leaving Las Vegas.

Which of your co-stars would you like to work with on another project?

ME: Meagan. I told her she was magical in the first film and with our TV shows (Ealy on “Almost Human” and Good on “Deception”) we haven’t had a chance to work together, but we definitely need to make that happen.

MG: We absolutely need to work together!

What was it like working with Kevin Hart this time?

ME: He was such a diva! Kevin had a driver and his own trailer for his “camp” and he even had DirectTV. But seriously, what you see with Kevin is what you get. He will share his life with no problem and he’ll be the first one to share and unite everyone on set.

Matt Kennedy/Screen Gems  Meagan Good as Mya
Matt Kennedy/Screen Gems
Meagan Good as Mya

With experience in both TV and movies, which do you prefer?

MG: Both. With film, you can go in and get out with a character. With TV, there’s a lot more to getting to know the character and you can find something magical. It’s interesting to see what comes out of that.

ME: Film is more like a general practitioner with a broad appeal to the masses. TV has become so much more specialized and a show can be designed to appeal to a smaller audience.

Everyone’s working on some comic book project these days, if Marvel Studios or Warner Bros. came up to you with a comic book offer, which character would you like to portray?

Catwoman_dc comicsMG: Catwoman. I want to do action films where I’m fighting and kicking.

ME: To be honest I never really followed comic books. I’ve heard of Luke Cage and … Black Panther, but I couldn’t say who I’d like to play. I would love to work with Marvel though. They’re doing some really good movies right now.


Think Like a Man Too” opens Friday in theaters nationwide. I’ll have my review up at midnight Friday.