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#Looper Director Rian Johnson tapped to direct Star Wars Episode VIII and Episode IX

Rian JohnsonJ.J. Abrams has a bit of a commitment issue with films so I was shocked he returned to direct “Star Trek Into Darkness” after filming the 2009 relaunch. I wasn’t sure if that would translate to him signing on for more than one Star Wars film particularly since he will be taking on arguably the most important next installment of any film franchise.

Turns out Abrams will be making a one and down trip to the Star Wars universe once he’s completed “Star Wars Episode VII,” but his successor is just about the best possible choice and is just as exciting for me as Abrams — Rian Johnson.

Johnson was the writer/director for “Looper,” one of my favorite original films in the last 20 years. Since he made time travel seem easy I’ve no doubt he’ll be well-suited for handling the adventures of the Jedi and Sith for the next two installments.

The Star Wars films are creating an all-star lineup of some of the next potentially great gathering of directors with Abrams, Josh Trank (“Chronicle”), Gareth Edwards (“Godzilla”) and now Johnson. I can’t wait to see who Walt Disney Pictures. lines up for the next few spin-offs at this rate.