From The Hangover to Ocean’s Eleven which movie best sums up Vegas?

What’s the best movie to sum up the Vegas thrill?

A lot of critics are not so fond of Think Like a Man Too as they’re saying it’s all too familiar and like every other Vegas movie that’s come before it. But really if your movie is set in Vegas there’s certain checklist items you’ve gotta hit otherwise you could shoot it in Atlantic City.

I’d argue that not every Vegas movie is created equal and that’s where I need your help. Which of the following movies best represents what Vegas would be like for you at this particular stage in life?


Fear_And_Loathing_In_Las_VegasFear and Loathing in Las Vegas – You desperately need to get away and need a nice long road trip to do it. And while your best friend does make for excellent company, the trip to Vegas would be a whole lot more fun with two more road trip companions — drugs and booze.

casinoCasino – You’ve had a good run on top. You’re a made man and the world is your oyster, but your best friend seems to be more than a bit jealous of your success and he keeps looking a little bit too long at your wife…


Oceans-ElevenOcean’s Eleven – For you a Vegas trip just isn’t the same unless you bring a few pals, or 10, with you.

And if they’re just as sharp dressing and cool as you, there’ll be no issues unless you run into your ex-wife.  Your serious problem with the high class folks makes you a bit daring and unafraid to take a few chances once you get into the casino. The Hangover 2008 - Bradley Cooper, Zack Galfinakis, Ed Helms and Justin Bertha

Hangover – Your pal is about to take the death march down the aisle so it’s up to you to make sure he has a last night as a single man that he’ll never forget … or in your pack’s case, remember. Finding corner drug dealers particularly trustworthy will go a long way to making sure the trip is unforgettable as well.

what happens in vegas ashton-kutcher-and-cameron-diazWhat Happens in Vegas – You’re the type that goes for a few laughs, couple of nights hanging out in the club, but inadvertently brings something back with you. Completely disregarding the creed that it’s supposed to stay in Vegas. Just remember to stay far, far away from the wedding chapel.

showgirlsShowgirls – You’re just trying to save up a little cash so you can pursue your real dreams. And hey, you’ve always wanted to dance in front of crowds and your friends say you have low standards anyway.

SwingersSwingers – Your buddy’s depression is getting worse and there’s nothing else you can think of to help him get over his breakup by taking him to Vegas — and creating a catchphrase for the city that will become synonymous with it.

Last Vegas Kevin Kline, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Michael DouglasLast Vegas – You’re just too darned old to be partying with girls half your age and staying up all night like a young buck, but you’re gonna do it anyway, darn it.



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