The Top 10 Things we want to see in “Big Brother 16” #BB16 @CBSBigBrother

Big Brother 16 cast

My summer-long obsession, “Big Brother” starts tonight and after watching seasons 8, 10, 12-16 and binge watching season 11 last fall, there’s definitely some things I’d like to see in this year’s edition. With a new cast of house guests we can certainly expect the unexpected, but here’s 10 that could make this the most exciting and unforgettable season yet.

big brother elissa mvp week210. No twists for the sake of twists. The “MVP” bombed almost right from the start. Forcing team alliances was a bad idea and relatives joining the fray also is unnecessary. Let’s just have a straight up battle of contestants like Big Brother 12 and let the best house guest win.

Big Brother AarynAmanda9. Don’t give the viewers so much power. Let the players actually influence their own game and let us simply choose what they have to eat or vote on what games to play each week instead of allowing us to have too great an impact on who stays or gets evicted.

Unless they’re hellspawns like last season’s Amanda, Aaryn, Kaitlin and Gina Marie. If so send them out the door right away.

8. Let’s not bother getting advice from last season’s winner Andy unless he’s offering tips on how to cower, cry and otherwise be worthless until the end.

aaryn-gries-julie-chen-big-brother-157. Allow Julie Chen to call out ignorant houseguests instead of being forced to play the role of nice, unaffected host.

Chen’s statements on “The Talk” about the racist comments last season should have instead been shown on “Big Brother.” If the houseguests can say whatever they want, let Julie respond in kind.

6. I know it’s a lost cause after reading the cast bios, but for next season, can we break the mold of always casting the cliché gay guy, the religious guy, the hot ditz and the nerdy genius? Shaking things up a bit would go a long way to making the show more unpredictable.

big brother-13-superheroes5. Theme days. Steal the houseguests clothes for 24 hours and make them dress for the day like celebrities, athletes, superheroes, etc. Just to break up the monotony and forced “drama.”

big brother rachel reily bikini4. Some way to work in an appearance by Brenchel. I mean, I’m sure it’s in the works and all, but just wanted to go on record and say “yes please!”

3. More Zingbot. Seriously, just once a season is nowhere near enough!

2. Every time someone says “that’s a game changer!!” or “they’ll never see it coming!!” dig up some of that “You Can’t Do That on Television” green slime. Yes, I’m aware I’m showing my age with that one.

Big Brother solitary confinement1. Racist/homophobic statements get you 24-hours in solitary confinement where a constant stream of videos espousing tolerance is played. Maybe some of it will stick with the less cultured houseguests?