Cosplay Confidential: Spider-Matt Cosplay

This week’s Cosplay Confidential features Matt Skajem aka Spider-Matt Cosplay. Don’t let the name fool you though as Matt does more outfits than just your friendly neighborhood web-slinger. Check out my interview with him!

Spider-Matt as Spider-Clone Ben RName: Matt Skajem

How you got into cosplay: The way I got into cosplay is probably how a lot of people end up getting into it. I went to a really small convention in May of 2013 at a place called Frank & Sons, and thought that it would be really fun to be one of the people who dress up. So mix that with my love for Spider-Man and then BAM! That’s how I started

How long have you been cosplaying: I’ve only been Cosplaying since Comikaze in October(2013) so I’m still fairly new to the con circuit

Spider-Matt as Spider-Clone2Your first cosplay: My first suit was my Ben Reilly Spider-Man suit, which has turned out to be my favorite because of the reactions I get from kids. It’s crazy how excited and stoked they get to see Spider-Man walking around

The hardest costume I’ve done: The hardest suit that I’ve made so far has been my classic Electro suit mostly because that one is 100% hand painted. I had to be sure that everything was lined up correctly, which at some points it isn’t but hey, I love how it turned out

Spider-Matt as ElectroHow much money do your costumes cost to make: The cost to make my suits really varies depending on the character. Ben Reilly Spider-Man cost me about $150, Electro was about $90 and then Union Jack was $65 I believe. Most of the cost is in puff paint too, that stuff saves me.

What makes it so rewarding: There are two things that I find the most rewarding when it comes to cosplaying and they’re 1) the kids’ reactions to seeing a character they love and 2) getting to meet and talk to a bunch of people who are into the same stuff as me. Walking around in spandex is a great ice breaker

Spider-Matt as Union Jack2Do I have a regular group I partner with: I don’t have a group or anything that I belong too, but at conventions I can usually be seen with a lot of the people who belong to the group Agents Of Cosplay, because I’m pretty good friends with most of that group.

What would you say to people who want to cosplay, but haven’t worked up the nerve yet:  Basically, to anyone whose nervous about cosplaying just freaken do it. There’s really nothing to be nervous about. I know that when I’m at a convention I just love seeing someone dressed up regardless of their skill level, so even if you don’t make the best suits, or the best props, just do it. You’ll have a blast and meet a lot of awesome people

Do you have a website where people can follow you: If you want to follow me on the internet machine you can check me out at:

Spider-Matt as Union JackFacebook:


Instagram: @SpiderMatt13

Make sure to drop by one of Matt’s pages and let him know what you think of his awesome work!

I’m always interested in talking to cosplayers for more Cosplay Confidentials so if you or anyone you know would be interested, have them contact me.