Mark Ruffalo considers solo Hulk movie

mark rufalo hulkMark Ruffalo has made the Hulk more popular than ever. And as San Diego Comic Con comes and with it likely our first teaser for “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Ruffalo shares his thoughts on whether The Hulk needs a solo movie or if he’s better off as a member of the Avengers ensemble.

“He might not,” Ruffalo said in an interview with Collider. “He’s a tough nut to crack of all of them, I think. He’s the one person who doesn’t want to do the very thing that all of us are dying to see him do and he’s the one person who doesn’t want to be there, [laughs] and so it can get very maudlin, it could get very boring to watch the guy who’s moping around who doesn’t want to do the very thing that we’re all dying to see him do. And so I think that’s the tough part of cracking that nut. I think that’s what’s made it problematical in the past.

Avengers - Age of Ultron - Hulk and Scarlett WitchBut I do feel like we’ve gained some ground on this new version of him, which has – he’s sort of turning to face himself, and I think the relationship between Banner and The Hulk as a conscious conflict, it could be really interesting. The one thing that I think The Hulk is terrified of is Banner, and that’s never really been mined. And now with this new motion capture technology, we can do something really exciting with Hulk that we’ve never been able to do performance-wise that I am hoping when we’re talking about doing a new version of this, that we’re really talking about having a relationship between these two entities that is conscious of each other and in conflict with each other in a really cool, interesting way.”

What do you think? Does Hulk need a solo movie or is he fine in “The Avengers?”