1st underwhelming picture of Henry Cavill as Clark Kent in “Batman v. Superman”

Here it is. Get ready. All set? Ok, this is Superman a.k.a. Henry Cavill as Clark Kent. First photo of Henry Cavill as Clark Kent

OK, kinda underwhelming, right? It’s not we’re waiting with baited breath to see what Clark Kent looks like, were we? Nope, we’re hoping for a slightly better take on Superman’s costume. One that’s a little brighter, optimistic and S-ful. Remember, that S stands for hope in Krypton. ;-)

henry cavill as clark kent in man of steelAnyway, my biggest question is what’s up with the lack of glasses? Granted, that “disguise” is a bit flimsy, but without them, there’s no way people wouldn’t mistake him for Superman…

So hopefully this pic is a right before he soars into action as Superman and not the new look for Clark Kent.