Random thoughts from Week 1 in the Big Brother 16 house #BB16


So far in Big Brother 16, I’m happy to report the number of ignorant racists and obnoxious homophobes count remains at 0. Hopefully viewers on the live feed can report the same. Now, one to my random thoughts of this first week…

Quick! In the history of Big Brother name who had a worse first week in the house than Devin, who has flipped and betrayed so many alliances that I think he’s confusing himself with his stunt double The Rock’s wrestling past. Maybe Brian from Season 10 who was the cackling “bad guy” that couldn’t wait to unveil his genius plan to any and everyone who would listen. I’ve always considered Brian too smart to be able to stay in the game long. Devin? Too crazily paranoid to make it to the juror’s house.

Let’s size it up.

big brother 16 devinFirst he aligns with Donny for the season’s first “no one will ever see it coming” move. Clearly, Devin is expecting to carry the load on the physical end while Donny handles the … cricket chirping. Who cares? Donny is too darn likable to mock no matter how mercilessly the producers want to paint him out to be the village idiot this season.

After witnessing Caleb’s prowess in winning his section 8’s HOH competition, Devin is more than happy to align with Frankie and Caleb … and Derrick … and Zack …. and Cody.

Derrick questions the move as he barely knows them and questions if he should put his Big Brother life on the line for them so soon. Good question, Derrick, but these guys all seem to have a good head on their shoulders. No need to worry about anyone doing something disastrous to the alliance.

big brother brigadeQuick aside: The Brigade formed in the first week, came up with the brilliant idea to have side alliances to further manipulate the game in their favor and were content to watch Brenchel attract all the attention for the first half of the season until they needed to make power plays. Yet in no season since Season 12 has anyone followed that easy How to Win Big Brother strategy.

BIG BROTHERDevin decides six guys is played out and a smarter strategy would be to bring in two girls to the fold. Amber I get cause she’s well.. But  I question not bringing in Paola, who seems like she’s fiery and competitive enough to warrant having as an ally. Christine? Ok, she falls into the no one sees it coming category. Not terrible, but alright I suppose.

The in no way shape or form awful, awful move of this early season is Devin going rogue and outing his alliance to Amber and Christine on the basis that he can trust them and wants to work with them. His logic? There is none, his explanation is that the all-guy alliance is played and doesn’t work. Hmmn.

Caleb, Frankie and the rest of The Bomb Squad realize they’ve got to no choice but to go along with Devin the Dude’s “plan.”

nicole from big brotherstacey-kieblerSpeaking of alliances, #TeamDork of Christine and Nicole is soooo ridiculously adorable. They’re like the anti-Mean Girls crew from last season. BTW, is it me or does Nicole look like the pre-makeover version of Stacy Kiebler?


Since seriously jeopardizing his alliance’s faith in him wasn’t enough, Devin decides to try on a crazy hat and comes back to The Bomb Squad with an idea for a target — Donny. He’s just too darned funny and the girls are laughing at him and stuff. I’m thinking Devin’s shirts are cutting off circulation to his brain. Why target another ally who actually has your back (granted it’s not like Donny will win much) when there’s plenty of people who don’t have any allegiance to you. #DumbDevin

zack and codybig brother 16 zack and codyI really want Zack and Cody to form their own alliance if for no other reason than this…

I wasn’t sure what to make of the Battle of the Block, but one thing it definitely did was ensure that Sunday’s episode, which previously was always a lot of boring talking about strategy and sucking up to the HOH, is a lot more fun with a more meaningful competition than deciding who gets to eat what. And there was no more time-filling, slow key turning ceremony. Strictly action, baby!

big-brother-16-cast-paola-frankie-donny In the end, Brittany and Victoria stave off elimination and Frankie is no longer HOH so it’s down to Donny and Paola. I like Paola’s chances to win Veto, but if she doesn’t, I could definitely see her going home this week as Donny is so non-threatening that no one considers him a threat.

Who’s your favorite so far? And how quickly do you think Devin will be eliminated from the game at this rate?