Random Big Brother 16 thoughts – Week 2 #BB16

BB16-zach-nicole-jocastaThe stench of #BB15 is quickly washing away as we’re back with a season of “Big Brother” that features gameplay (albeit STUPID gameplay), alliances, backstabbing and more than a few showmance options. In other words, everything is back to normal in the BB house. Now for my thoughts on Week 2.

bb16-donnyWith Joey gone and Team America’s charter member already ousted (#RIPAlex) it was time for someone with some staying power so I was glad Donny made Team America. I like his prospects of staying on much longer.

The potential of a Hayden/Nicole show-mance is all-too adorable probably even moreso because they seem like genuine, completely awkward people and I doubt that one of them will become so thoroughly unlikable like McCranda.

big-brother-zach and frankieThe Frankie/Zach friendship may be one of the most unexpected in the series’ history especially considering their first interaction. Nice to see that Zach may just be a bit abrasive at first, but isn’t actually a bad guy. Still, while he was in the diary room explaining how gay he isn’t, I had a flashback from probably my favorite scene of “Buying the Cow.”

bb16 brittany bikiniBattle of the Block continues to be a very welcome addition to this season.

The house punching bag duo of Paola and Britney once again gets a spot on the block thanks to Devin targeting the weaker houseguests once again. I’m missing why the guys are constantly ignoring Hayden in terms of big threats. He’s the only non-Bomb Squader who consistently is right there in all of the competitions yet he’s flying under the radar. He’s got to have a killer social game since no one wants to get rid of him yet.

bb16 devin cryingbigbrother- rachel cryingjpgWhile his game play is awful, but for the sake of my entertainment, Devin is awesome as his Jekyll and Hyde decisions alternate between Dan-level of genius (in a trademark Dan move of having a fellow house guest throw a competition) and then in the next sequence, sabotaging his own game and crying on a more frequent basis than Rachel…

The Donny confessional tour was all parts of absurd and continuing to out his alliance-mates with anyone who’ll listen (hey, Hayden and Nicole, c’mon up and listen to Amber, Caleb and my plan).

Clearly, Devin is banking on some magical powers to protect him next week as he may as well right, “Nominate Me Next Week” on all of his too-tight shirts as there is pretty much no way he avoids nomination next week. Although at this rate, the HGs may be so annoyed with his antics they’ll blindly race to nominate him and he’ll either get his nomination block off or win the Veto.

The long-term thinkers in the house, aka Derrick, would come up with that strategy, but he’s smart enough to let things, and targets remain in the game a bit longer.

Look mom, no bowtie!
Look mom, no bowtie!

Derrick is probably my choice to win this thing as he’s smart enough to lay low while seeing the game for exactly what it is. Who do you think has the best chance to win at this early stage?