Birthday Wishes – @SofiaVergara, @JessicaSimpson, @adriangrenier

Chiwetel EjioforChiwetel Ejiofor (37) – Please, oh please oh please let those rumors of you being the main bad guy for “Bond 24” be the case because that would be one heck of a present for moviegoers everywhere.  Jessica Simpson looks amazing on stage at Good Morning America

Jessica Simpson (34) – Congrats on the recent marriage and your continued spokeswoman jobs. Anytime you want to return as Daisy Duke your fans will be waiting.


Adrian Grenier (38)

 Adrian Grenier

Absolutely cannot wait for that Entourage movie to make it to the big screen next year. We’ve been anxiously awaiting what’s been happening with Vinnie Chase and the boys ever since y’all got on that plane.

Sofia Vergara (42)


For making the 40s look every bit as breathtaking as the 20s and the 30s and for not being satisfied with having one of the best sitcoms on TV with “Modern Family.” Thanks for keeping busy with feature films like Machete Kills and Chef, here’s to an awesome and relaxing birthday.

sofia vergara as sexy maid