Harrison Ford, Patrick Stewart share bday

Harrison Ford 2014Harrison Ford (72) – Here’s to a speedy recovery and that this set accident doesn’t have you regretting returning to Star Wars for Episode VII and hopefully beyond. Until then, can’t wait to see how you’ll do in The Expendables 3.

patrick-stewartPatrick Stewart (74) – It was fun seeing you back as Professor X in X-Men: Days of Future Past X-Men: Days of Future Past [Blu-ray] With your X-Men career seemingly winding down, maybe now you’ll make a surprise cameo in the next installment of your other much-beloved franchise. After all, “Star Trek 3” is coming up soon…

Colton-HaynesColton Haynes (26) – Is it time for Season 3 of “Arrow” to start yet? Huh? Is it? Seriously? As you can tell, I’m kinda anxious to see Roy’s continued growth as Speedy/Red Arrow as the tease in last season’s finale wasn’t hardly enough. I’m sure it’s gonna be another awesome season…if I can just endure the wait until then.