10 GI Joe stories to use for new movie

joe258. Zartan! (G.I. Joe issue #25)

Synopsis: In issue #23 the Joes are finally able to capture Cobra Commander, but they can’t keep him imprisoned for long as his ninja-bodyguard Storm Shadow rescues him. Hoping to stay far away from the Joes’ reach, Cobra Commander travels to the Florida Everglades to hide out with his secret operative Zartan, a master of disguise, and his Dreadnok lackies. The Joes are hot on their heels though and Torpedo, Tripwire and Mutt & Junkyard track Cobra Commander to Zartan’s base and Duke, Clutch, Wild Bill and Deep Six lead separate assaults to try and stop the Cobra elite once and for all.

Yeah, I know Zartan was prominently featured in the first two films, but we can work around it and say that was someone using the name, especially since this version would allow for a crazy battle in the swamp and the Dreadnoks. Plus it would allow for more vehicle action with the MOBAT Tank, WHALE hovercraft, Cobra Water Moccasin and Cobra Rattlers.



No. 7


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