10 GI Joe stories to use for new movie

joe6joe75. To Fail is to Conquer … To Succeed is to Die and Walls of Death (G.I. Joe issues #6 and 7)

Synopsis: A crashed Russian spy plane has landed in Afghanistan and Hawk sends Stalker, Breaker, Clutch, Scarlett, Steeler and Flash to retrieve it, but the Joe squad doesn’t know that both Cobra and Russia’s Oktober Guard are also in pursuit. The Joes and OG reach a tentative truce after Cobra arrives on the scene and takes the plane, but the truce can’t last and the Joes have to contend with two forces just as dangerous in order to accomplish their mission.

This was one of the original great stories as it introduced a group of specialized soldiers every bit as capable as the Joes. The Oktober Guard would go on to become some of the most popular characters in the Joe comic mythos and even were worked in to the cartoon series. This would be a bit of a Jason Bourne-type Joe movie and the Afghanistan setting would help make the film seem just as timely as other recent military films.

No. 4


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