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This week on Cosplay Confidential I got to tackle a slightly different subject — prop making – and walking us through this is Quartermaster’s Cache, whom you’ve already seen as he’s the significant other of the recently profiled Beryla Gann. Let’s learn a little more on the art of prop making!

Beryla Gann as Elizabeth from Bioshock InfiniteName: My name is Keller N Agte-Studier

How you got into prop making: I got into prop making mainly because I caught the cosplay bug, and wanted to be able to make myself props that were unusual, and unique.

How long have you been making props: I’ve been building props for about six months at this point.

Cosplay Confidential Quartermaster's Cache - bioshock gunYour first prop: My first prop was the hand cannon from Bioshock Infinite.

Your favorite prop: My favorite prop is probably Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer).

The hardest prop I’ve made:The hardest prop was either the Thor’s hammer, or the Bioshock Infinite shotgun.

How much money do your costumes cost to make: It’s hard to narrow down what props cost to make. Some are very simple, and use next to nothing in materials, while others take weeks of work, and incorporate more expensive components.

Cosplay Confidential Quartermaster's Cache - MjlonerHow long do they take to make:Costumes come together relatively quickly, but finishing one, and making sure the details are all right can take weeks.

What makes it so rewarding: Watching someone at a con see, and then recognize my cosplay, and watching their eyes light up as they see a favorite character come to life. That’s what makes cosplay so rewarding for me.

Cosplay Confidential Quartermaster's Cache - jack harness gunDo I have a regular group I partner with: Beryla and I have quite a few friends who cosplay, however, we have yet to do a group cosplay. We have a couple we are thinking of putting in the works, so, that should be great fun.

What would you say to people who want to cosplay, but haven’t worked up the nerve yet: For people that haven’t done a cosplay, and haven’t worked up the nerve yet: pick something fun, and simple. Once you get to a con, in cosplay, you’ll be hooked.

Do you have a website where people can follow you: I just started quartermasters cache on facebook, for props, and I will be incorporating my costumes (and the costumes of people using my props) into this site.