Quick Big Brother 16 Week 3 thoughts #BB16

This week marked the end of the residency for one of the show’s best villains in recent seasons and this season could be all the poorer for his eviction.

Derrick, my pick to win this season, had an agenda during his reign as HOH. Like the best planners, he had his sights set on one mission – getting Devin out of the house. It wasn’t exactly an unpredictable move – even Devin saw it coming – but Derrick saw the only way the plan would work was if he backdoored Devin.

And everything was going according to plan until Devin found his way into the Veto competition.

Like Frank in season 14, Devin had the house against him, but houseguest after houseguest fell trying to knock him out in the roll of the dice competition. Until ironically Donny, the HG Devin thought was too weak to help him advance in the game long term, defeated him in the competition and ultimately sent him out the door.

If there was such a thing as BB Karma, Devin felt its wrath this week. You have to wonder how this whole experience would have worked out had Devin not betrayed his initial alliance partner, Donny.

Double D could have potentially gone on to be one of the all-time best duos ala The Renegades, but Devin outsmarted himself and helped found The Bomb Squad. Not content with the all-guy alliance, Devin again felt the need to further stack the deck and brought Amber and Christine into the fold. Then Devin decided he was wrong about Donny and called a house meeting to clear his conscious, but by that point the damage was done.

How much differently would Devin’s stint have been had he just stuck with Donny, a loyal ally who has proven to be a stronger competitor than more obvious candidates like Zach and Cody? The disastrous move to go after Britney, then Zach, likely wouldn’t have occurred and he certainly wouldn’t have gotten so overconfident so quickly. Devin thought he had it all and on the week he was HOH and Veto Holder, he amazingly was the least powerful person in the household following one botched power play after another.

Thursday’s unanimous eviction for Devin was all but a formality. Now the big question will be who can step up to fill his shoes and keep this season interesting. Caleb? Frankie? Christine? Victoria??

Other thoughts:

Every season there seems to be that super floater, the one who isn’t a physical threat or barely registers on even a social level. This year’s SF is clearly Victoria, who should easily make the Jury House as I don’t see anyone wasting their HOH reign on getting her out of the house.

20140718-121131-43891354.jpgMeanwhile, Caleb’s crush on Amber is turning a bit…stalkerish. I’m wondering if Amber is playing Caleb and Cody against one another, but she doesn’t strike me as being that calculating. For entertainment’s sake, I wish Cody was able to rally more votes to get Caleb out since Devin is far more unpredictable. With Caleb we just know he’s gonna fawn over Amber. This Caleb/Cody clash has some potential for good TV though.

Hayden and Nicole’s young showmance continues to be the cutest aspect of this season and their budding relationship seems like it will be one of the more interesting subplots of the year.

Derrick made the season’s first big move in evicting Devin. What’s the next big move you want to see? And will a female step up and actually make a move this season beyond waiting on the Alpha Males to knock each other out?