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Hot Toys is trying to win #SDCC2014 early

SDCC2014 Hot Toys display - Back to the Future displayIf there was a mic available at San Diego Comic Con, a Hot Toys would have picked it up, showed off the awesome slate of upcoming releases and dropped the mic to a standing ovation. Yep, they brought it that big on preview night alone and that didn’t include even one Star Wars figure, which they announced full access to “Episodes 1-7.” Let’s take a look at some of the goodness.

SDCC2014 Hot Toys display - Robocop, Aliens, Alien Ripley displayAn “Alien” Ripley and an “Aliens” Ripley with Power Loader?

A “Batman Returns” Batman? And scores of “The Dark Knight Rises” figures including Blake and Commissioner Gordon?

Not to mention a legion of “Iron Man 3” figures and our first “live” look at “Guardians of the Galaxy” figures? Yeah, Hot Toys has SDCC2014 on lock right about now.