New Hi-Res images of #TheWalkingDead figures series 6

Walking_Dead_Series_6_Rick_Grimes__scaled_600 With “The Walking Dead’s” popularity showing no signs of slowing down, it’s great to see the McFarlane Toys figure line consistently improving with better likenesses, articulation and essential characters.

MT really deserves a lot of credit as the first few waves of the line were seriously lackluster with bad articulation, paint and likenesses. It’s rare to see a company go back to the drawing board so completely to address customer complaints. It probably doesn’t hurt to have a white-hot property like TWD either.

Series 6 features a new Rick Grimes, The Governor, Herschel (complete with peg leg), Carol, Abraham Ford and a “Bungee Guts” walker.


You can pre-order the set here: