Help Capo Toys with #StreetFighter Kickstarter


Capo Toys StreetFighter
Earlier in the year, I was raving about Capo Toys’ Street Fighter prototypes and was working on setting up an interview with them about the line. I hadn’t heard back from them until I got this message, which clears up some of the delay, if not in especially encouraging fashion:
Capo Toys successfully debuted their first wave of Street Fighter Action Figures, sculpted by Rocco Tartamella, at Toy Fair earlier this year and was awarded the Best New Toy line of 2014 from This series of highly articulated Street Fighter action figures features in game design, style and scale in a 6 to 9 inch range with select figures outfitted with micro fiber clothing for added detail and motion.
Street-Fighter-Capo-Toys-Toy-Fair-2014-MAINThe first five have been prototyped, Ryu, Sagat, Guile, Blanka and Chun-Li, with plans to continue the full series of Street Fighter characters.
Capo Toys StreetFighter KickstarterCapo Toys is featuring Ryu as the first figure to be funded on Kickstarter. With the support of the Street Fighter community, we can make this happen in a big way! We are offering exclusive incentives available only to backers, so come out, support and be among the first to get them!

The KickStarter has a ways to go, but if Capo Toys is able to get these out, they look like they could be some of the nicer Street Fighter collectibles out there.