Random thoughts on Big Brother 16 #BB16 #DoubleEviction

Thursday was our last shot at any kind of major shake-up in the Big Brother house and the houseguests failed us … miserably.

BB16-Nicole-hohNicole’s plan to backdoor Frankie failed, but she and Hayden formed The Rationale with Derrick and Cody, arguably two of the three smartest players (Frankie) left in the house, with plans to break up Zankie. She also started getting wise to Christine’s double-dealing, but with Christine holding the Veto there was little Nicole could do, but hope the HGs followed through with the plan to evict Zach.

But despite Christine’s insistence on Zach being her main target, there was little chance he was going home. In the five-person Detonator alliance, Christine is a strong No. 5 in the pecking order. She’s fulfilling the “weasel snitch” role of doing little but ratting out other houseguests to her alliance members. We’ve seen that with BB13 Shelly Moore and last season’s eventual winner, Andy. Unlike Andy, who was able to blindside McCranda, I don’t see Christine being able to pull off a successful backstabbing of Derrick or Frankie. And when it eventually comes down to the final five of The Detonators, Christine is going first unless she can keep winning vetoes.

bb16 derrick and frankie tell caleb zach is leavingNicole’s plan to get Zach out got screwed completely when Derrick and Frankie broke the news to Caleb that the house was evicting Zach.

Caleb responded simply that Zach was an alliance member and a number and it didn’t make any sense to cut one of his teammates out so early. This was the first time all season where Derrick second guessed himself and over thought his strategy. Sure, Zach is a Detonator, but taking him out now knocks out one of the big competitors at the end. Who would you rather worry about in the final 5: Zach or Jocasta?

Caleb is like The Detonators’ Luca Brasi. Loyal to a fault and totally oblivious to the big picture. Easily one of the last bits of entertainment to come from this season will be when The Detonators finally let him sleep with the BB fishes.

bb16 detonators1-zach-staying-400x250So Derrick decided to switch things up and rat out Hayden and Nicole to Christine and Frankie. All of Christine’s hatred of Zach vanished and she was on board with keeping him. Again, another dumb move from a smart player. Zach already had no problem putting her on the eviction block clearly indicating how “valuable” she is to him. Would Jocasta, who was likely not to ever win an HOH, even have Christine in her sights?

That led to the eviction ceremony, which at least wasn’t unanimous. Donny stayed loyal to Jocasta and poor clueless Hayden thought he was sealing Zach’s fate only to be shocked when Julie announced that Jocasta was evicted and the first member of the jury.

bb16 caleb and victoria as adam and eveFor someone who everyone in the house seems to not be able to stand, I’m amazed Victoria is still in the game. While her social game may be awful at least she’s a tough competitor.

Wait, what do you mean she maxed out on the time of the Veto competition? Clearly the best way she can contribute this season is being forced to wear that Eve costume the rest of her stay.

Double eviction nights can be great in shifting the balance of power. The best recent example of that was BB13 when Daniele and Jeff, two of the bigger power players that season, were evicted the same night. No such luck as Caleb won HOH and during the break, was clued into the anti-“Bomb Squad” alliance and put up Donny and Hayden. I hated how Zach said he was gonna take a nap and wake him when everything was over. He comes across like he’s trying so hard to be this season’s villain, but he’s just obnoxious.

BB16_DonnyVetoAs he’s proven all season, Donny — The Beastmode Beard — won the veto and Caleb responded by putting Nicole up next to her sorta showmance. Nicole was visibly pissed and didn’t want to hear from anyone after Hayden was kicked off. Hayden took his eviction good-naturedly, but I was kinda surprised how non-committal he was when Julie asked him about exploring his showmance with Nicole. Julie mentioned there’s a chance an evicted houseguest can return to the house. I’d love for Devin to be in the running. The show has lacked some unpredictability since his eviction.

With all five Detonators (+1 clueless cowboy) escaping Double Eviction week, it’s just Donny and Nicole left to fight an uphill battle to win HOH and make some progress in the game. Oh … and Victoria. How could I ever forget her?

What do you think? Who do you want to see go home next week?