Cosplay Confidential: Cosplay Catwoman

Kim Leroux is a cosplay rookie, but she’s already won a cosplay contest as one of the more popular female comic book characters for cosplayers. She’s also putting her newfound celebrity status to good use by helping out local charities. Find out more about her here.

Name? Kim Leroux

Cosplay Confidential Kim as Catwoman with whipHow did you get into cosplay and what was your first costume? I got into cosplay when I went to my friend’s event he was a photographer and who took pictures of most cosplayers. So I went with another friend who got into it as well and he also said it was something he liked to do and meet new people. I went and as the night ended they decided that I should dress up as Catwoman. So I started looking around for an outfit to start off with. I found it online and went to my first cosplay event at The Free Comic Store at the Sanford Comic store. I went with my friend who got me into it and he was the Riddler. It was so much fun and meeting other cosplayers I wanted to do it more.

So the next event I went to was the Omni Convention in Orlando. I went with another friend of mine along with Riddler. My other friend dressed up as Batman. And to me he was the best that I’ve seen. So us three got there to the convention on 5/23/14 think that was the date. We were a hit with the crowd and everyone wanted a picture with us. I felt like a celebrity for that day. It was amazing how we made little kids smile and how people reacted to us. It was amazing!! Then we decided that this was what we wanted to do and so far I have been to about five conventions now.

Cosplay Confidential Kim as Catwoman with Batman2

What’s been your favorite? I’ve only been in it for two months so just starting and remaining as Catwoman for a little bit until I think of another costume/character I want to be. I’ve got couple of ideas but still in the air.

How much does your costumes cost? My Catwoman outfit was only $35 dollars for everything. Like I said just starting and don’t know yet how much I want to spend on costumes. My next one though I will try to make or put together without buying it online.

Cosplay Confidential Kim as Catwoman with BatmanWhat makes it so rewarding? To be recognized where ever we go now and photographers are wanting to take our pictures. And now we are asked to do some charities which we are doing our first one on Aug. 23. So that will be a fun experience to wanting to do more.

Do you have a regular group you partner up with for costumes? The Riddler did form a group for us called Arkham Justice Injustice League after our 1st convention at the Omni. Our group characters are Catwoman, Batman, Riddler and Robin and sometimes we run into Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn and the White Rabbit. We did have a Penguin, but he is going off on his own. All of us have gone to conventions together and entered our first group contest and won. That was awesome and amazing.

What would you say to people who have thought about doing cosplay, but haven’t quite worked up the nerve yet? If I were to talk others into doing Cosplay I would just tell them to be who you think you are as that character and just have fun. It is a hobby for me and I love it now.

Cosplay Confidential Kim as Catwoman

Do you have a website people can check out more of your costumes? My page on Facebook is Cosplay Catwoman/Modeling. Please love to get as many support as possible to keep continue my success in the Cosplay world. My goal is to go to Metrocon next year with an awesome costume.