A new #Supergirl show may be in the works

supergirl dc comicsHot on the heels of the TV success of “Arrow” and excitement building for “Flash” and “Gotham,” another DC superhero may soon be getting the small screen treatment.

E!News reports that Warner Bros./D.C. Comics are shopping around a Supergirl TV show to networks beyond CW, home of “Arrow” and “Flash.”

laura_vandervoort_supergirl_smallville2Michael Green, who has worked on “Gotham,” “Heroes” and “Smallville,” is supposedly producing this effort. Supergirl was a major player in “Smallville” so we’ve got a sense of how she could be portrayed.

Laura Vandervoot, who played Supergirl/Kara Zor-El in “Smallville” has hardly aged out of the role, but Warner doesn’t seem to like to use an old actor in a new series.

Wonder-Woman-adrianne-palickipgBut this may be a case of building our hopes up for nothing. After all, NBC couldn’t even get a Wonder Woman TV show on the air and there’s no doubt Wonder Woman is the most popular female superhero around no matter how cool Scarlett Johansson makes Black Widow. Plus from a budget perspective, there’s no way Supergirl could be cheaper than a Wonder Woman show so that’s another factor working against it.

Apparently CW already passed on it, which isn’t that great a sign considering the network’s long-standing relationship with superhero shows. “Smallville” lasted for 10 seasons and “Arrow” is surging onto its third season.

What do you think? Is there a chance Supergirl could succeed where Wonder Woman couldn’t in terms of getting a TV series?