Denzel Washington goes guns blazing in new #TheEqualizer trailer

the equalizer 2014 denzel washington

The fall movie season is usually pretty barren for quality entertainment, but one that I am most excited about is the latest collaboration between “Training Day” Director Antoine Fuqua and Oscar-winner Denzel Washington.

While this seems more action-heavy like Fuqua’s most recent film, “Olympus Has Fallen” and less likely to rack up any award consideration from stuffy Oscar voters, this looks like it’s going to be one of the real gems this fall and a treat for action fans.


The whole timing his efficiency angle looks like it could be pretty fun and with “xXx’s” Marton Csokas as the bad guy, Washington will have a competent foil to play off of in this outing.

Only thing that really didn’t do a whole lot for me is the pedestrian song by Eminem and Sia. Seems like they could have found a better track than a generic revenge rap style cut.

“The Equalizer” comes to theaters Sept. 26 and I can’t wait.