DC courting “End of Watch’s” David Ayer to handle Suicide Squad film

DC Comics Suicide SquadIn a move that I am 1,000% behind, Warner Bros./DC is reported to be wooing David Ayer (“End of Watch“) to direct a live-action Suicide Squad film.

Suicide SquadDC seems to be fully in the Suicide Squad business as its most recent direct to video animated effort, “Batman: Assault on Arkham,” prominently featured the villains. The team has also been featured in a popular episode of “Arrow.”

The comic version is comprised of villains recruited by Amanda Waller to reduce their prison sentences by tackling some of the most dangerous missions in the DC universe. But since they’re criminals, Waller has extra incentive via explosive devices embedded in their necks if they get out of line.

harley quinnWhile the lineup is still unknown, it’s a safe bet that longtime members Deadshot and Captain Boomerang will be included. Hopefully, Cat-Man can also join the fray since it’s doubtful Harley Quinn would be on this version of the team since they’d have to work in some mention of The Joker. King Shark also likely won’t make the cut either.

Variety reports that Ayer is the top choice to direct Justin Marks’ script.

What do you think? Could this work and if so, which Suicide Squad members have to be in the movie?