Cosplay Confidential: Jewels Hardy

We’re back with another Cosplay Confidential, this time starring Jewels Hardy, who coincidentally has the perfect last name for her favorite character — Felicia Hardy aka The Black Cat.

Read on to find out more about this very cool and skilled cosplayer.




Name? Jewels Hardy
Cosplay Confidential - Jewels Hardy with Spidey and DeadpoolHow did you get into cosplay?I have loved Halloween ever since I was a little kid. Christmas some years left me feeling pretty left out for various reasons, but I could always depend on Halloween being something great to look forward to. But, as I got older it turned into just a holiday people use to get drunk. Cosplay was a way to still enjoy the dressing up, but year round. I had been the Black Cat for the first time on Halloween when I was eleven, but nobody really understood what this weird kid was talking about and would just pat me on the head and say, “yes yes, a cat, that’s very cute.” I wore it again for Halloween back in I believe 2010 but it was my friend Paula who suggested I come to SDCC with her and her husband and wear the costume where it’d be more suitable.
How long have you been doing it? My first convention was SDCC 2011, after that I had about a year and a half without any sort of cosplay before I had the time and money to go to conventions again.
Cosplay Confidential - Jewels Hardy as Jessica Rabbit
What was your first costume? Black Cat
What’s been your favorite? Black Cat
What was the hardest costume you’ve done? I tried to glitter a dress for a Jessica Rabbit, but I failed, oh how I failed.
How much time does it take to make an average costume?My main costumes are Black Cat and Sally. Black Cat has been just a matter of buying bits and pieces and replacing and upgrading them as needed, Sally is a pre-made costume I just did some cutting and altering with.
Cosplay Confidential - Jewels Hardy as SallyHow much money do you typically spend on your outfits? Black Cat was about $200 when all was said and done, Sally was only about $50.
What makes it so rewarding? The main reason I started to cosplay was because I’ve loved Felicia Hardy since I was a kid, I like the chance to play her. I relate to the character on quite a few levels, and I like the chance to be somebody else for a few days here and there.
Do you have a regular group you partner up with for costumes? I’m part of a volunteer group, the Portland Superheroes Coalition, which does events for various charities. I don’t do any sort of group cosplays that involve matching up or constructing cosplays, since I don’t have the time or skillset to put together a costume from scratch.
What would you say to people who have thought about doing cosplay, but haven’t quite worked up the nerve yet? Do what makes you happiest, and don’t worry about the rest. Cosplay Confidential - Jewels Hardy as Black Cat with Spidey 2099
Do you have a website people can check out more of your costumes? I have a Facebook fanpage at :, and also a public Instagram at jewelshardy_cosplay