Nobody loves the Fantastic Four anymore #FantasticFour

Fantastic Four cast - Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller and Jamie BellThis has not been a great year for Marvel’s first family. It started off with the announcement of the cast for the new Fantastic Four with Michael B. Jordan’s casting as Johnny Storm in particular setting off both comic book purists and racists-in-denial. (Aside: I get that to some extent since his sister, Susan, is being played by Kate Mara, but we are in an age of blended families, right? I still think the controversy could have been sidestepped if Jordan was just cast as Reed Richards instead.)

Then, started coming the news that Marvel head Ike Perlmutter was throwing his weight around and considering the massive temper tantrum of canceling the Fantastic Four comic book since Fox wasn’t trying to give back the license it paid for over a decade ago. Lousy ingrates.

FF final issueBoth the San Diego and New York Comic Con came and went without a peep of the Fantastic Four movie — but the expected cancellation of the comic was announced. Remember the days when a comic company would just find a new creative team to reignite interest in a comic as opposed to just ending it?

And now that lack of any news has gotten more than a few sites curious as to what the heck is going on with the movie.

Screenwriter Simon Kinberg discussed the complete absence of any “Fantastic Four” promotional effort from a teaser trailer to even a shot of the costumes in an interview with

I don’t, actually [know when we’ll reveal something.] We’re putting it together now, and one of the important things, because this Fantastic Four is a reboot, and is such a different tonality and vibe from those other films, we want to make sure that the first thing we put out really expresses the voice of the movie, and isn’t compromised by not having visual effects ready, or anything like that.


It’s hard to knock Fox for not rushing to show an unfinished teaser and FF isn’t slated until next August so there’s a few months left to put on the finishing touches. I’d show you the one test shot of The Thing that made its rounds online, but Fox watchdogs don’t sleep.

Today, I saw the latest indignity to the FF – they can’t even get a spot on the new Marvel chess game. Marvel chess set

Granted the whole family wasn’t getting in the game, but geesh, Johnny Storm/Human Torch or The Thing couldn’t make the cut over Vision or Hawkeye? And what kind of Marvel chess set could this be if Dr. Doom gets beaten out by The Lizard???

True, you can order the platinum set to get the FF characters as alternates, but if you’re interested in one of Marvel’s premiere teams, it’s gonna cost you extra instead of automatically warranting inclusion.ff chess set Years ago that would have been unheard of. Of course, there’s no “Guardians of the Galaxy” characters either for what it’s worth.

But still, where is that creative genius that’s gonna turn the FF around to be bigger than Iron Man, Captain America hiding? And can the save the FF sooner rather than later please?