TV Recap: Arrow – S.3,Ep.3 – "Corto Maltese" #Arrow

Arrow ep.3 - Corto Maltese - Diggle, Oliver and RoyTeam Arrow goes international in the search for Thea Queen and to take care of some loose ends for ARGUS, but neither goes exactly as planned in tonight’s episode.

We start off with a flashback to six months ago (or last season’s finale) when Thea hops into Malcolm’s limo determined to never feel the pain where she allows someone to hurt her again. Malcolm offers to take her anywhere and she realizes staying in Starling City where the Arrow can find him isn’t the best course of action. Thea’s learning already!

Courtesy of yet another gimmick arrow(!) Arrow tracks down a potential witness on the rooftop that might have seen Sara get killed. Remember that glass shard he found last week? Felicity was able to get a fingerprint leading Arrow to him, but it’s another dead end as the guy saw Canary/Sara, but not what happened to her.

Arrow ep.3 - Corto Maltese - Roy with his quiverTeam Arrow has a bit more success on the finding Thea angle as Felicity has tracked her to Corto Maltese. Roy wants in and Oliver must be getting used to having a costumed partner as he doesn’t shoot Roy down. I LOVE Diggle and Felicity, but I kinda want to see more of Oliver and Roy on their own taking out bad guys. Won’t be this episode as Lyla knows her man all too well and suggests Diggle go with Oliver and further sells it by asking him to check on an ARGUS operative, Mark Shaw.  is at home and Lyla convinces him to go with Team Arrow to check on an operative Mark Shaw! In DC Comics, Shaw was one of several characters to be given the Manhunter identity and Shaw completed a mission with Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad. Nice tie-in.

Laurel goes to a gym in search of a lede for a case, but boxer Ted Grant isn’t sharing any details. Ted is another DC character – the pugilist Wildcat, who has no powers save his nine lives and superior boxing skills. The show’s version is a bit younger than the World War II character from the comics though. Ted says Laurel is searching for something beyond a clue and offers to help her learn to channel her energy with lessons handing her a brochure I’m pretty sure had a Wildcat logo on it.

Arrow ep.3 - Corto Maltese - Ted GrantIn Corto Maltese, the Arrow Wolfpack has arrived. Oliver goes to Thea’s home, but doesn’t realize Malcolm is aiming his arrow on the other side of the door if he entered.

Flashback for Malcolm as he goes over some meditation techniques with Thea. Sadly, he doesn’t have her wash and wax his cars or paint the fence instead opting for pouring boiling hot wax on her hand. She apologizes for not being strong enough, but he says he’s to blame for treating her like his daughter instead of his student and he starts attacking her until she draws a sword on him. Malcolm is once again pleased that Thea is giving in to her hate and anger. Soon, the Dark Side will be strong in her.

Present day, Oliver and Roy both take turns talking to Thea. While Oliver is more direct and has a plane ticket for her, Roy apologizes for lying and says he just wants Thea to be happy. She tells them both she’s never returning to Starling City. Oliver wants to tell Thea everything, but Diggle says he’ll lose her forever if he does so Oliver goes the slightly safer route of telling Thea the truth about their father’s death with the unstated promise that more revelations will come if she returns home.

Speaking of, Ray Palmer welcomes Felicity to her first day of work with the task of restoring some corrupted data drives. To sweeten the deal, Felicity gets to have Ray’s office. Felicity is able to accomplish what Ray’s tech geniuses can’t and recovers the drive’s information. She asks for some time off to visit her friend in Central City who was struck by lightning. Ray opens the drive and finds blueprints for an O.M.A.C. Did he know that was there? Stay tuned! In the comic, this is a project designed to kill those with super powers so this seems like a better fit for “The Flash” instead of the largely un-powered world of “Arrow.”

Diggle spots Shaw, who after verifying Diggle’s credentials via a device Lyla gives Diggle, shares that a buyer has a lead on intel that would reveal all of ARGUS’ agents and their families. Diggle can’t have that, especially since baby Sara would now be included on that list, but Shaw was playing him and steals Lyla’s device to sell the intel himself.

Arrow ep.3 - Corto Maltese - beaten LaurelLaurel has returned to AA — a very sensible direction for her given that her sister was killed and that should test her sobriety — but she shares she’s not tempted to drink, but to lash out if only she knew where to channel her anger. Cue another member who shares that her boyfriend beat her up again. Laurel and Lance are both horrified, but Lance has a good line about if he starts waving his badge, none of the drunks will come to AA. Laurel doesn’t care about her DA status though and goes after the boyfriend with a bat. She gets a few good hits in, but he overpowers her and leaves her a bloody and bruised mess laid up in a hospital bed. Nice job of showing the consequences for an untrained vigilante and Laurel should have to work at this if she’s going to carry on Sara’s legacy.

Oliver, Diggle and Roy go to stop Shaw from making the sale and Oliver has re-purposed materials in their hotel room for bows and quivers.  Sadly, Shaw has more goons than Oliver and Roy have arrows, so Oliver shows off his crackshot abilities with a gun saying “I never said I didn’t know how to use one.” Diggle takes down Shaw who said he was only taking the list to get out from under Waller’s clutches.

Arrow ep.3 - Corto Maltese - Roy and DiggleThea’s thought it over and wants to return home with Oliver and company, but Malcolm makes her fight him in a duel to gain her freedom. She gets him to fess up to throwing the fight and he says he’ll see her soon. Reunited with the guys at the airport, a passerby accidentally spills hot coffee on Thea, but she doesn’t react at all to Oliver’s surprise.

Back home, Laurel comes to Oliver with Sara’s jacket saying it makes her want to help others. Oliver refuses to train her and not because he doubts she won’t finish that which she begins (gold star if you get the reference), but that Sara would never forgive him. With her first choice of vigilante trainers a no-go, Laurel returns to the gym and asks Ted when can she start.

At Verdant, Oliver asks Roy if Thea seemed a little off to him, but before they can discuss further, Nyssa emerges with  a drawn bow demanding to know where is Sara. Uh-oh. Next week, there’s gonna be some serious problems for Team Arrow.