Box office roundup

Box-office roundup – Oct. 26, 2014 – "Ouija" conjures up top spot

ouija movie1. Ouija – $20 million [debut week] – The horror thriller probably would have fared better coming out next Friday for Halloween, but it outpaced other October releases (“Carrie’s” $16.1 million in 2013 and “Sinister’s” $18 million in 2012) and the “holiday” weekend may help it retain its box office crown for another week considering the lack of significant blockbuster competition.

David Lee/Lionsgate Publicity Keanu Reeves is John Wick in "John Wick."
David Lee/Lionsgate Publicity
Keanu Reeves is John Wick in “John Wick.”

2. John Wick – $14 million [debut week] – Keanu Reeves’ latest action revenge thriller Wick’s opening came up short in a winnable weekend, but it opened in 269 less theaters than “Ouija,” which helped give the horror film the boost. It’s a little more than half of what Denzel Washington’s similar theme film, “The Equalizer” did with a $34 million when it opened just a month ago.

While Reeves’ star power isn’t at Washington’s level, it’s possible audiences had their revenge thriller fill earlier. But as far as post-“Matrix” opening weekends for Reeves, “Wick” only trailed “Constantine’s” $29.7 million in 2005 and “The Day the Earth Stood Still’s” $30.4 million in 2008 so this was a solid start for the film.

3. Fury – $13 million [2nd week; $46 million in total] – Brad Pitt’s WWII drama fell to third place after winning last week in a bit of a surprise and while it will cover its $68 million budget, reaching $100 million may not be in range. Amazingly, Pitt’s most recent major hit, “World War Z (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy)” reached $66 million its opening weekend.

gone-girl-DF-12241_rgb4. Gone Girl – $11.1 million [4th week; $124 million] – The fall’s biggest hit so far is showing fantastic staying power in its fourth week and by next week will have eclipsed “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button [Blu-ray]” as Director David Fincher’s biggest hit film.

5. The Book of Life – $9.8 million [2nd week; $29.9 million] The family film had a very light drop and should have a strong third weekend as its another film ripe for Oct. 31