Black Panther is biggest reveal of Marvel Cinematic reveal

Black Panther conceptI wasn’t expecting all of the amazing news we got from Marvel at today’s big reveal of the Phase 3 films, but longtime readers know I have been pulling for Black Panther to show up in a Marvel Studios film since “Marvel’s The Avengers.” And not only is that now a reality, but Panther will be headlining his own film!

chadwick bosemanFor a special bonus, Chadwick Boseman, arguably one of the hottest up and coming actors around has been confirmed to take the lead role and I CANNOT WAIT!

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige confirmed that we will see Black Panther in “Captain America: Civil War” in costume so Black Panther will officially be on the big screen in 2016!

But even more importantly was Marvel brought out the franchise’s two big guns Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. to build up the hype for “Civil War,” but also made a point to introduce Boseman to the masses and have him to a bit where he teases joining one side of the Iron Man vs. Captain America conflict. Downey, Boseman and EvansBoseman says “Black Panther is kind of his own guy” indicating that Panther is not going to play a sidekick role like Hawkeye or Falcon and that he will have a significant role in the movie’s take on the story just like he did in the comic book. (Black Panther: Civil War) It’s also telling that despite Doctor Strange coming out in November 2016 — a full year before Black Panther’s solo film, Boseman has already been cast so you know he is being groomed to be a key cog in the next round of Marvel films.

Black Panther Civil WarThis in itself is major news as Panther will mark the first serious blockbuster comic book film starring an African-American since Wesley Snipes’ Blade trilogy ended in 2004 and Marvel will beat DC’s “Cyborg” standalone, which also stars a black superhero and is slated for 2020. Diversity has been the one sticking point from critics about the Marvel lineup of movies and while the films have been inclusive with characters like Falcon, Iron Patriot/War Machine and even Nick Fury, this will be the first film under the Marvel Studios banner (meaning you know it will be done right) to headline a black character. And with a hot actor and an entire new sector of the Marvel universe to cover, this could be the next big Marvel revelation a la “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Evans, Boseman and DowneyI am absolutely thrilled and can’t wait to read the comments from Fred and Keith. Now if only we could manage to squeeze out a Boseman/Panther appearance in “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.”