Birthday Wishes – Nov. 17 – Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams (36) – You’ve been kind of under the radar lately, but your stock is assured to shoot way up next year with your role in “True Detective.” Looking forward to seeing how you knock that out and what’s coming up beyond that major cable TV gig.

martin-scorseseMartin Scorsese (72) – Some 70-year-olds can hardly get out of bed, but fortunately for us, you’re still cranking out fantastic movies. Highly anticipating “Sinatra” and couldn’t imagine why your frequent collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn’t make a perfect Chairman, but I’m most anticipating the scenes with The Rat Pack.

Rocsi Diaz (31) – Rocsi hotSorry your stint on “Entertainment Weekly” ended after two-years, but looking forward to seeing your next move. Is it time to start starring in films as opposed to reporting on them?