‘Arrow’ recap: S3,E7: Draw Back Your Bow


Draw Back Your BowThis recap is best read while listening to Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box.” The episode starts off with a flashback from six months ago when Slade’s Mirakuru army was invading Starling City.

While the team is en route to battle Slade, Arrow has Diggle stop so he can take down another of Slade’s grunts. This one is choking out a woman, but is easily handled by Arrow.

As Team Arrow heads back out, the woman grabs the discarded arrow and it’s Cupid (Amy Gumenick), the mysterious archer from last week. And it’s pretty clear this is where she begins her Arrow obsession.

Arrow - Draw Back Your Bow - Brandon Routh Ray Palmer Emily Bett Rickards Felicity2Ray Palmer meanwhile has his own obsession and fortunately, he’s a bit less psychotic with his approach taking the time-honored way of working his way into Felicity’s heart by buying her expensive dresses and jewelry. And if all else fails, do the ‘salmon ladder’ shirtless like Oliver to send her swooning. Best line of the night comes from Felicity: I do have a type.

Ray unveils the new name for Queen Consolidated — Palmer Technologies with half an Atom logo spinning in the background. This wouldn’t be the only reference to Ray’s presumed future superhero identity. He also wants Felicity to go out on a not-at-all completely platonic date. While she’s unsure of her feelings, Felicity appreciates Ray for putting his out there and accepts — a decision that will not leave one chiseled chest archer too happy. Capt. Lance calls Arrow with news that Isaac Stanzler has been used as an arrow pincushion and a lone arrow as a clue.

Oliver ends up cracking the arrowhead in a mini temper tantrum after watching Felicity standing by while QC is renamed and finds an address. Arrow goes old school just teaming with Diggle and they find a heart-theme apartment with Arrow clippings.

Cupid calls to tell Arrow of another criminal she wants to kill and this time, she wants Arrow’s help to clean up the city for good. Cute twist on the typical “Arrow” opening credit logo as the regular arrowhead is replaced by Cupid’s heart-shaped arrowhead. Arrow - Draw Back Your Bow - Amy Gumenick as Carrie Cutter2

Roy is back at Arrow HQ telling Oliver he still can’t believe he killed the cop while doped out on Mirakuru feels like a fraud wearing his Arsenal costume now. Oliver assures Roy he’s still a valued member of the team and wasn’t himself. Diggle tries to offer some advice to Oliver and suggests he tell Felicity how he feels instead of just getting jealous whenever she talks to Ray.

In a subplot that just gets underway this week, Thea is auditioning DJs for Verdant’s grand re-opening when a stranger proclaims no one else is needed and he’s got the gig. Thea tosses him out, but the DJ can’t get the crowd moving, forcing Thea to hire the stranger (Austin Butler), who in lieu of payment is satisfied with a kiss. Place your bets: who’s gonna kill this guy: Merlyn? Roy? Oliver or Thea herself?

While Cupid marks the fourth archer Arrow has encountered this season, she provides a different type of challenge as she’s killing to impress him not simply kill Oliver. Arrow and Arsenal track her down, but she’s able to knock out Arsenal and escape by using her mob captive as a pawn. As the mob captive starts thanking him, a clearly annoyed Arrow knocks him out in a great moment.

Not only has Cupid copied Arrow’s skill set, but she’s also got a male version of Felicity, who pinpoints that Arrow has to be based around Verdant. She thanks him with an arrow to the neck and then tries to stop traffic at Verdant with her freak em dress. Arrow - Draw Back Your Bow - Stephen Amell as Arrow aiming

Arrow calls and wants a meeting at a place of her choosing so she selects where Arrow saved her. Arrow is somewhat sympathetic to Cupid and wants her to get help showing a softer side and explaining he can relate to being in love with someone and it not being right. Are you listening Felicity??? As such, Arrow isn’t as brutal as he normally is in putting Cupid down. He may be a vigilante, but he’s also a gentleman.

Back at base, Diggle says Cupid is now in Lyla’s custody and will be the newest member of the Suicide Squad even if she’s nuttier than the last woman on the Squad. Harley Quinn reference? Diggle again warns Oliver to tell Felicity how he feels before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Ray and Felicity are out on their double date with a mining owner who isn’t interested in selling. Felicity is able to convince him to sell after vouching for Ray’s desire to make things better and back at PT, he thanks her by kissing her just as Oliver walks in. Diggle did try to warn you…

The episode is moving along just fine and then we get a commercial for “Arrow vs. Flash,” the crossover that for us fans of the DC TV Universe will be our version of “Marvel’s The Avengers (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo in Blu-ray Packaging).” Now if only we could get a few more heroes…

Arrow - Draw Back Your Bow - Ray and Felicity

Tonight’s Hong Kong flashback is less about Oliver learning some valuable new trick he’ll use in the present day, but establishing a potential new ally. Waller calls Maseo on assignment, but Oliver can’t accompany him on this mission due to his gaijin (read: blonde hair) status leaving him to deal with Tatsu’s disdainful glares. After a few hours with no word from Maseo, Tatsu is worried something’s happened to him and they head to a pier to get some information.

While Oliver is game, the gangsters quickly overpower him forcing Tatsu to take them out courtesy of her katana sword. Turns out their concern was for nothing as Maseo was at home — he had to go dark after three agents were killed, but he’d been wondering where they’d been. Oliver will have to confront Tatsu about her impressive sword prowess later.

Back at PT, Ray is on the phone with someone about the mine. He wants to get started right away digging to procure the dwarf star alloy(!). In the comics, Ray Palmer finds white dwarf star matter that allows him to shrink his size to as small as an Atom. And we get even further as Ray pulls up a display of the Atom exo-suit. While it’s still in progress, it’s got the predominant blue and red color scheme so we’re halfway there!