NBC wrapping Constantine’s first season after 13 episodes #Constantine

Proving that getting on NBC is pretty much a curse for any new show trying to build an audience, NBC is halting production on “Constantine,” the Friday night show based on the DC Comics character John Constantine.

NBC greenlit 13 episodes, but hadn’t made a full season commitment. There’s some speculation that NBC could pick up the show for a second season.

In “Constantine’s” favor, it’s made for pretty much the only sensible companion piece to “Grimm,” which comes on an hour earlier. The show has averaged a 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic since debuting Oct. 24 and that holds up decently against the competition.”Constantine” isn’t losing a lot of “Grimm’s” viewers so the horror/fantasy block has been solid for NBC.


I think “Constantine’s” 10 p.m. start time on a Friday night makes it somewhat hard to gauge its overnight ratings as most of the show’s target demographic is out enjoying the start of their weekend, not necessarily watching TV. The DVR numbers are also encouraging, but again … it’s NBC and the peacock is infamously quick to shelve shows that aren’t immediate hits.

“Constantine” just aired its fifth episode so there’s still time for the show’s ratings to improve enough to encourage NBC execs to resume production, but if past experience is any indication, let’s be happy we got 13 episodes of a solid Constantine show.

Photo Credit: NBC