Arrow: Brave and the Bold recap S3,E8

Coming off an exhilarating debut Arrow and Flash team-up last night, we quickly get another on point (both puns very intentional) and fun pairing of TV’s most dynamic comic book heroes.

Picking up very loosely from last night’s show, Arrow has tracked down the location of the Boomerang killer. At the killer’s house, Arrow and Arsenal encounter ARGUS agents, who were also hot on the heels of the killer. Since they’ve got their own personal connection with ARGUS, Arrow asks Diggle to get more information on the guy from Lyla. Through the episode, they establish a running joke of everyone saying Diggle and Lyla re-married teasing a potential and long overdue resolution to that subplot.

Arrow - Episode 3.08 - The Brave and the Bold - Barry and OliverAt Palmer Industries, Felicity gets a surprise visit from Cisco and Caitlin, who decide to come in for a visit and help uncover the truth behind Canary’s assassination. Cisco wanted to get a close-up look at the Arrowcave and possible Arrow-mobile. Well played. Cisco’s greatest purpose in this DC TV Universe may not be to ultimately become Vibe, but to serve as the shows’ fanboy surrogate making numerous references to the comic book source material. Note this episode he wore a red-trimmed jacket very similar to his comic book attire.

Lyla tells Diggle the Boomerang killer is George Harkness (Nick Tarabay), a former member of Task Force X/Suicide Squad who’s seeking revenge on ARGUS and specifically Lyla after she gave the order to scrub the team after a botched mission. Before she can finish giving Diggle the scoop on Harkness, he arrives at ARGUS — complete with a mostly comic book accurate outfit with rows of boomerangs dangling from his trench coat.

Arrow - Episode 3.08 - The Brave and the Bold - Diggle, Arsenal and ArrowArrow and Arsenal battle Harkness to a standstill before he unleashes two boomerangs that get caught in mid-air by The Flash in a sweet sequence. It’s been a week in DC TV time since Flash and Arrow first teamed and Barry says he’s been taking Oliver’s lessons to heart. Oliver is a bit uneasy with Flash coming to Starling, but agrees to the team-up provided Barry understands they do it his way in his city.

Oliver re-introduces Barry to Quentin and Laurel at police headquarters. Quentin thought Barry’s name was Bart Allen, a sly reference to comic book fans who know Bart Allen as Barry’s grandson and future hero Impulse. Quentin tips them off to the whereabouts of an arms dealer who may have armed Harkness’ boomerangs and once again, Flash and Arrow clash over their ways of getting results.

This week’s flashbacks helpfully illustrates Oliver’s lack of patience when it comes to interrogation as Amanda Waller tasked him with getting information from an associate of China White, but his hesitancy leads to a bomb going off. Waller thinks Oliver has it in him to use his skills to convince bad guys to give up the information much quicker.

Arrow - Episode 3.08 - The Brave and the Bold - Capt BoomerangHarkness lures Arrow, Arsenal, Diggle and Flash to a decoy location at the intersection of Infantino and Adams — a nod to acclaimed Flash and Arrow comic creators Carmen Infantino and Neal Adam — while he uses a tracker to find Lyla at the Arrowcave. Felicity and Caitlin run for cover as Lyla holds her own for awhile before Harness sends a boomerang to her chest. With Deathstroke invading last season, Nyssa coming in earlier this year and now Boomerang coming in, Arrow is seriously going to have to upgrade the Arrowcave defense system.

Flash races Lyla off to the hospital where she’s stable and Roy, Cisco, Caitlin and Felicity try to calm their nerves at Verdant. Best exchange of the night comes when Cisco checks out Thea and learns she’s Roy’s ex and Oliver’s sister.

In a scene I could have easily envisioned taking place aboard the Justice League satellite, Oliver admits to Barry that he’s worried he’s letting his humanity slip away in the efforts to protect Starling City. Barry offers the pep talk saying Oliver still has good in him and he’s about to get the chance as Felicity has tracked Harkness trying to catch a train out of town.

Arrow - Episode 3.08 - The Brave and the Bold - Team Arrow and Team FlashAfter Flash races everyone out of the train station, the two confront Harkness, who has predicted such a problem and has five bombs set to go off in the city. Flash can get to all the bombs, but they will trigger once the first one is tampered with so he grabs Team STAR and Felicity and Roy to the various spots to defuse at once. Back at the train station, Arrow and Harkness square off with weapons before Arrow takes him out in hand to hand combat. Harkness boasts that the city will still blow up and is stunned when the timer doesn’t lead to an explosion. Just as Flash returns, Arrow resists Harkness’ taunts and pins his hand to a support beam. Captain Boomerang is heading off to the island where Deathstroke is being held captive.

Arrow - Episode 3.08 - The Brave and the Bold - Arrow vs BoomerangBack at the newly-appointed Arrowcave, Team STAR and Team Arrow say their goodbyes, but not before Oliver reveals a costume holding display for the next time Flash is in town. Cisco and Caitlin have their own gift for Arrow, a more streamlined costume. More eagle-eye viewers than me will have to break down all the differences, but I like the tradition of Flash helping Arrow with his costume each season.

Finally, before Flash heads back to Central City, Arrow and Flash have one more training session wrapping one fantastic crossover. At this rate, I don’t know what DC/WB has to do in order to rearrange their movie plans, but they’d be crazy not to involve this incarnation of Flash and Arrow. Until then, we’ll just have to be satisfied with next week’s winter finales featuring Reverse Flash and Ras al Ghul.