Constantine – Blessed are the Damned review S1 E7

Another week, another solid outing for the “Constantine” crew and this week’s episode advanced the Rising Darkness subplot as well as get Manny leave his sideline watcher seat and get in the thick of the action. This was one fans of the Keanu Reeves movie would also enjoy.

Down in Kentucky, a preacher named Zachary is struggling to keep his congregation interested. Opting for a strategy his father used, Zachary decides to have a revival where he will handle venomous rattlesnakes. His sister, reminds him that dear old dead ended up dead via rattlesnake bite, but Zachary is desperate and pulls the snake out of its cage and quickly gets bitten. Just as it appears the bite has killed him, Zachary comes back to life clutching something. Encouraged by his near-death experience, Zachary begins healing congregation members including one parishioner who lost his leg and a new one instantly appears.

Constantine - Season 1

While finishing up a nude model portrait in art class, Zed envisions rattlesnakes — not a euphemism. Before she can report her findings to Constantine, the model asks her on a date and Zed agrees. It’s a minor thing, but giving Zed a love interest should hopefully delay the inevitable Zed/Constantine pairing and allow the two to just work as occult-battling peers.

Constantine has already heard the news of the healing preacher and wants to see Zachary for himself even though he’s far more cynical than the hopeful Zed. Even Constantine gets a bit unnerved when he recognizes Zachary speaking in an angelic language. Zed starts to doubt if Zachary is conning people and her belief intensifies after touching his hand and seeing an angel. Constantine figures if Zachary is not conning people, something is using him and poisoning the land. Sure enough, down by the riverside dead fish are floating at the river’s surface. “They all float down here”…

Meanwhile, Zachary’s first healing miracle has gone awry as the leg recipient seems to be possessed and kills his doctor and a police officer.

Constantine - Season 1

Constantine wants answers from his one angel connection, but Manny insists he can’t interfere although he offers a clue that leads Constantine and Zed to Imogen, an angel weakened from her encounter with Zachary. While getting set to take Zachary to heaven, he grabbed one of Imogen’s feathers, giving him angelic healing powers and making Imogen vulnerable. Manny still won’t get involved, but stays with Imogen to help her deal with the pain of being on the mortal realm. Constantine binds a spell to prevent any evil from attacking Imogen in the barn.

Constantine visits Zachary to try and get him to peacefully hand over the feather, but once he grabs for it, a protective shield stops him making Zachary think Constantine is the only evil present. That plan fails and Constantine arrives back at Zed’s campsite to prevent the leg-victim from attacking her. Constantine rationales the humans have turned into ghouls after being exposed to the angel’s power courtesy of Zachary’s touch.

Constantine - Season 1

With Constantine unable to get close to Zachary, Zed tells him she wants to get baptized, which allows her to get close enough to take the feather just as more of his healing victims start turning in to ghouls. As Zed races to Imogen, Constantine and Zachary try to hold off the ghouls in the church as Zachary has his own confession — he thought he was going to hell for never telling anyone he killed a man while driving drunk. Constantine realizes Zachary was being taken to hell by Imogen, a fallen angel, who was using Zachary to get into the mortal realm.

Constantine arrives too late to stop Zed from giving Imogen her feather, but his protective spell is preventing evil — in this case — Imogen, from leaving. Imogen throttles Zed and threatens to kill her if Constantine doesn’t remove the spell. He pleads with Manny to help and he finally does, by inhabiting Zed and ripping out Imogen’s heart. Welcome to the game, Manny.

Zachary is back to preaching, abandoning showy theatrics with heartfelt sermons as Manny and Constantine strategize their next move. Imogen shouldn’t have been able to cause so much mischief, which they both attribute to the Rising Darkness. For now, Constantine puts Imogen’s black heart in his collection, right next to Psycho Pirate’s Madusa mask. Psycho Pirate is a more mainstream DC villain, whose mask allows him to manipulate others’ emotions. He’d make for a pretty good villain on the show though.

Zed completely forgot her date, but turns out that’s a good thing as he’s in the car with a partially revealed man who says it’s only a matter of time before they get her. Gotta love a mystery.

Constantine - Season 1

The good: Another solid outing

The bad: We’re now past the halfway point of show’s NBC has greenlight. Only six more to go. Don’t forget to tell your friends to watch and #SaveConstantine.