Sports Illustrated’s Irina Shayk shares bday with Walking Dead star

norman-reedus-Norman Reedus – 46 – Keep bringing the bada$$ to “The Walking Dead” and congrats on the new gigs. Looking forward to seeing you starring in “Triple Nine” with Casey Affleck, Anthony Mackie and Kate Winslet as well as your lead role in the “Silent Hills” video game.

Eddie Redmayne – 33 – Tremendous work on your career-best performance (so far) in “The Theory of Everything.” That Oscar nomination is all but a certainty and I’m hopeful that “Jupiter Ascending” shows you can play a great villain, but I’m sure the best present is not getting cast as Dr. Doom in that debacle that will be Fox’s “Fantastic Four” relaunch.

Irina Shayk – 29 – So “Hercules” wasn’t exactly the best way to get that acting career off, but most people would die to work with “The Rock” so you’ve got that — and the whole Sports Illustrated swimsuit model thing – working for you.