5 DC characters that deserve their own CW shows

The CW is feeling pretty super about its slate of comic book based shows announcing yesterday that both Arrow and its spin-off, The Flash have been renewed for next year. But don’t be too shocked to learn that more DC characters could be joining Ollie and Barry sooner rather than later.

At the Television Critics Association winter press tour yesterday, CW president Mark Pedowitz discussed adding to the DC stable of shows.

“We are having some preliminary discussions about expanding [that] universe, but we have not vetted them out. Could there be another hour in that universe? Possibly. As long as there’s no audience fatigue.”

With both shows thriving since the ratings success that was the Arrow/Flash crossover, the audience demand may in fact be growing. Pedowitz was a fan of the crossover and expects them to become an annual event right in time for November sweeps.

Then when you consider the DC movie universe is in a holding pattern until March 2016’s release of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and there’s definitely room for CW to meet the need for DC fanboys and fangirls especially if they target characters unlikely to show up in the movies.

That said, here’s five DC characters that would make a smooth transition to the small screen and would work perfectly within the CW TV DC universe.

DC Comics Atom LylesMovieFilesAtom – In a race to see who can bring the smallest superhero to the screen first, Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer/A.T.O.M. has about five more months to shrink down to size before Paul Rudd’s “Ant Man” comes to theaters. Atom wasn’t necessarily intended to be another “Arrow” spin-off says “Arrow” Executive Marc Guggenheim told Nerdist.

The thing that we’ve been talking about is just how do we further expand the universe; and we love Brandon and we love having him on Arrow. Ray really brings that and brings that energy and he’s so much fun to write. He’s a joy to write. Arrow - Season 3 - The Calm - Ray Palmer

Brandon’s so terrific and embodies the role so well that when we talk about how to further expand things, he’s a natural person to talk about.

Yeah, we’ve talked in the most preliminary of ways about doing something with Brandon beyond Arrow.

With Routh proving a lot of fun as Ray Palmer and his already built-in connection to the Arrow universe allowing for the potential of an Arrow/Flash/Atom crossover, an Atom series looks like it could be the safest bet of the possible expansion shows.

CW Firestorm costumeFirestorm – Let’s face it. The CW loves its Amell family. With Stephen Amell on his way to becoming one of the main faces of the network, his cousin, Robbie, can continue the Amell CW Expansion with a spin-off of his Firestorm character from “The Flash.”

With a love interest already established in “Flash’s” Caitlin and a built-in supporting cast with Prof. Stein (Victor Garber), “Firestorm” could be all set to heat up the CW in time for the fall new series announcements.

Arrow Huntress_Jessica_De_GouwHuntress – While (Black) Canary is too vital in the Arrow universe to need a stand-alone series, CW would be well-advised to consider a show with Jessica De Gouw reprising her role as Huntress. Huntress is another street-level character requiring little in the way of special effects and as a bonus, would give CW its own female superhero comic book hero lead.

Additionally, like Green Arrow, she has few definitive villains and story arcs so the writers have a near clean slate to work with. Helena Bertinelli is the daughter of a mob boss who hopes to atone for her father’s sins by becoming the costumed crime fighter The Huntress. The show could explore Helena infiltrating the mob and trying to destroy them from within and giving her more C-level Batman villains. To further the Batman ties, have Nightwing drop in as an ally/romantic interest.

DC Secret SixSecret Six – CW has shown it can handle solo hero shows, but one that’s begging for the small screen treatment is a take on the very popular Secret Six. The comic featured outcast DC villains/anti-heroes assembled by the mysterious Mockingbird to take on assignments. Under the original concept, Mockingbird blackmailed the characters with either secret information they didn’t want let out or with access to life-saving serums. The show could feature that shady take on the character endearing the Secret Six even further to the audience. Take Arrow’s Deadshot (Michael Rowe) and give him five new teammates. Four of them can be random underutilized DC characters, but the fifth has to be Cat-Man, who became a legit bad-a$$ in the comic.

Booster Gold DC ComicsBooster Gold – This is a character that has CW (no pun intended) gold written all over it. A disgraced former football star from the future steals a super-powered costume and a security robot and travels to our present in an attempt at fame, glory and adoration as a hero. The character seems even more timely in our TMZ-obsessed culture and could be the perfect meta character to tackle both superhero cliches and celebrity worship.

Booster Gold SmallvilleBooster already got a spin on “Smallville,” but there’s so much potential for the character he can easily handle his own show.

And this allows us the potential to make Blue Beetle/Ted Kord a series regular. Smell the ratings CW…