8 Must-See Moments from the 2015 Golden Globes #GoldenGlobes

golden-globe-2015-red-carpet-jennifer-lopezMaybe the most fun award show is in the books as the road to The Oscars continue.

We learned some things tonight. Micheal Keaton, Julianne Moore and J.K. Simmons are pretty much locks to walk away with Oscars; “The Lego Movie” and “How to Train Your Dragon 2” are in a tight battle for best animated feature; Jane Fonda is ageless; Meryl Streep is the go-to celebrity for buzz-worthy pics and Jennifer Lopez takes inspiration equally from Beyonce and Austin Power’s Fembots. Here’s a few more observations from the night that was the 2015 Golden Globes.


One more show!

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler 2015 Golden GlobesAward shows rarely are must-see just for the hosts, but Tina Fey and Amy Poehler continue to make the Golden Globes worth watching and the HFPA really needs to do whatever is necessary to bring them back for one more show. Here are some of their more quotable bits:

During a session of would you rather between “Boyhood” director Richard Linklater and “Birdman” director Alejandro Gonzalex Inarritu:

Linklater: One take, five minutes once a year

Alejandro:  One take, two hours long

‘Selma’ is about the American civil rights movement, that totally worked and now everything’s fine.

George Clooney married Amal Almuddin this year. Amal is a human rights lawyer who worked on the Enron case; was an adviser to Kofi Annan regarding Syria; and was selected for a three-person U.N. commission investigating rules of war violations in the Gaza Strip, so tonight…her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award.”

Jeremy Renner can’t be bothered with your silly award show

Jennifer Lopez cleavage Jeremy Renner 2015 Golden GlobesI loved how unimpressed Jeremy Renner seemed with the entire Golden Globes and not even working alongside an eye-popping J-Lo could get him past his lack of interest although he did get this great zinger after J-Lo decided she’d open the envelope since she had the nails: “Yeah, you’ve got the Globes too.”

Boyhood continues its march to Oscar glory

With Best Picture (Drama), Best Director and Best Supporting Actress victories, “Boyhood” certainly came out as the night’s big winner and looks like the prohibited favorite to dominate the Oscars.

In that overly self-congratulatory moment where Theo Kingma, the Hollywood Foreign Press president made this statement:

“We will stand against anyone who would repress free speech anywhere from North Korea to Paris,” he said. George Clooney was the only one who should have been standing. Clooney, of course, attacked Hollywood and the press for their lack of backbone in the wake of the Sony hacking and initial decision

Acceptance speeches

Common and John Legend accept Best Original Song Golden Globes 2015

From Common & John Legend, Joanne Froggatt and Gina Rodriguez’s heartfelt (and Billy Bob Thorton’s brevity) this was a great year for the words behind the winners. Common probably had the speech of the night as he identified himself with all those struggling for a fair and equal way of life. How cool was it to watch the stars geek out over Prince coming by to announce the Best Original Song winner?

The writers for the award presenters took the year off

Micheal Keaton takes picture of Meryl Streep while Benedict Cumberbatch photobombsAlthough we’ve come to expect a certain amount of mediocrity from these awkward moments, this year’s scripted encounters from the award presenters seemed especially lame and painfully unfunny. Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig’s segment about the importance of screenwriters barely managed to get polite laughs while Kevin Hart could do little to salvage his moment with Salma Hayek. It was a bad year for the writers who may be better off just letting the celebs improvise if this is the result we’re getting.

While it was the first big American awards show since the Sony hack and North Korea fall-out, the jokes complete with North Korea “representative” felt lazy, cheap and low-brow even for the Golden Globes. Let’s face it, when Meryl Streep (and Benedict Cumberbatch) can’t save a segment you’re in trouble.

George Clooney is Hollywood’s lifetime leading man

George Clooney 2015 Golden GlobesThere’s some celebrities who have a McCoughnaissance and they’re others who are hot and in demand for a moment and then there’s George Clooney. The guy is not only the smoothest star and dashing in that old school sense, but he gets how charmed his celebrity life is and isn’t too caught up in himself that he can’t take a joke at his expense. And then you see how he’s not afraid to take the lead on Hollywood not being intimidated by terrorist threats and his international ambassador work and you see a guy who should be the role model of his peers.

George Clooney and Amal 2015 Golden Globes“For the record: If you are in this room, you’ve caught the brass ring. You get to do what you’ve always dreamed to do and be celebrated for it, and that just… it ain’t losing. I don’t remember what awards Lauren Bacall won. I just remember her saying, ‘You know how to whistle, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow.’ And I have no idea what kind of hardware Robin Williams took home. But I sure remember “carpe diem” and, ‘Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.’ I never forget that.”

That classy final shout-out to his wife was all the more endearing.

“I’ve had a pretty good year myself. Listen: It’s a humbling thing when you find someone to love—even better when you’ve been waiting your whole life. And when your whole life is 53 years, Amal, whatever alchemy it is that brought us together, I couldn’t be more proud to be your husband.”

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association loves “The Affair”

Showtime never gets any love in these TV award categories so it was very interesting watching the HFPA get so captivated with “The Affair,” a show that seemed a longshot to take home any awards, but it emerged as one of the night’s big winners taking home Best Television Series (Drama) and Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – (Drama: Ruth Wilson). Now the big question: who the heck has actually watched it?

 The stars brought their A game to their wardrobe

Kate dazzled, J-Lo brought sexyback, Lupita stunned again, David Oyelowo had a shiny moment and Kerry was scandalous. Here’s this year’s hottest looks: