Cosplay Confidential: Stray Kat

Stray Kat looks to change cosplay mindset
I’ve been working on a slew of new profiles for you cosplay fans and with all the buzz around the latest The Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, I figured I should lead off with a cosplayer who is a marvel (bad pun intended) with costumes featuring some of Marvel Comics’ greatest heroes. These are some excellent pieces and I’m sure you’ll all be equally impressed with the work of Stray Kat.

Cosplay - Stray Kat - as Scarlett Witch cosplayName: My Cosplay name is Stray Kat, I got the name by combining my own (Rachel) and my sister’s, Katrina. She was killed in a car accident a year ago now and was my biggest fan and inspiration. I remember to take chances, and make the most of life, in her honor. I used to be really self-conscious, and ashamed of my size. Cosplay has been a way to overcome my insecurity, and that’s one thing I want to share with other girls!

How did you get into cosplay? Throughout High School I did theater, although I was really talented I rarely got lead roles. My weight wasn’t up to their standards, and I wasn’t “the Right look”… Cosplay is everything I loved about Theater minus the BS. YOU’RE the director and leading lady. You choose your costume, role, and make everything your own. It’s freeing to leave yourself behind and become someone you admire.

How long have you been doing it? My first comic convention was Amazing Arizona in January of 2012. But I’ve been slowly teaching myself to sew since about 2008?

What was your first costume? Black Cat (I’ve included a picture of my first Convention Black Cat versus my new one from PCC last year)Cosplay - Stray Kat - as Black Cat
What’s been your favorite? My favorite costume to wear is Domino. SO comfortable! But I love myself as Black Cat!

What was the hardest costume you’ve done? Lady Sif! It was my first time building armor. I burnt myself with heat guns so much it’s nuts, but I love how it turned out! It’s also difficult for my little T-Rex arms to carry around that big sword!

Cosplay - Stray Kat - as Lady Sif

How much time does it take to make an average costume? It really depends… but I’d say about a month per costume.

How much money do you typically spend on your outfits? My most expensive costume was about $700, where as my Black Cat was $150 including wig, mask and boots.

Cosplay - Stray Kat - as DominoWhat makes it so rewarding? Feeling good about myself. I feel proud not only of how I look, but that I made these things myself!

Do you have a regular group you partner up with for costumes? I work with a group of magnificent people called the Arizona Avengers. We go in our Marvel costumes to events like Hospital Visits, schools and libraries. I also work with a few gorgeous girls in a Sailor Moon group, where I’ve done both Moon and Mars.

Cosplay - Stray Kat - pic1What would you say to people who have thought about doing cosplay, but haven’t quite worked up the nerve yet? Do it! It will change your life! Everyone secretly craves the limelight, and this is a way to overcome any insecurities or issues you might have. I’ve met the most amazing people I can’t imagine life without.

Do you have a website people can check out more of your costumes? You can find me on Facebook

On Instagram @straykatcosplay and see prints at