"Titans" characters revealed – see who's joining Robin

the_new_teen_titansOf the next round of comic book series, one of the ones I’m most intrigued about is “Titans” coming to TNT.

Nerdist broke the news of the main cast and it’s an interesting mix.

We already knew Dick Grayson was going to be leading the team. Like the comic, he’ll be starting off as Robin after breaking off from Batman, but that’s largely where the similarities end.

Barbara Gordon and NightwingThe series will be set in Boston and there he’ll be joined by Barbara Gordon. No news yet if she will have already been Batgirl, but she will be in a wheelchair and serving the role of computer expert/hacker — a prerequisite for every comic show these days.

Oddly enough, she won’t be going by “Oracle” for some reason. Barbara never actually joined the team in the comics so this is an interesting switch to bring in two Batman characters to the series especially if the writers play up the romance between Dick and Barbara.

Hawk and DoveNext up is Hank Hall and Dawn Granger aka Hawk and Dove. Gotta figure that one of them will be played by a minority as there’s not a lot of options for diversity in the other cast members Raven and Starfire, rumored to be appearing at the end of the pilot, which is shooting this year.

What do you think? Who’s missing from the team?